Most champions that have a line-attack spell like that (short-range, long-range, whatever)... If you (a) put it on smartcast, and then (b) HOLD DOWN the q button, it will show you the cast range indicator For example, put Zyra's e on smarcast and then HOLD DOWN the e button -> You can now see the cast-range before actually casting it --> You can even move-click to cancel; if you didn't want to cast afterall Yasu, right now, always casts the q, whether you tap it OR hold it down. It makes aiming the tornado (or the short-range version of the #1 and #2 q's) a pain in the ass, since you can't tell what the max range is -> Unlike every other smartcast spell in the game Please fix, thanks! (btw, this champion design is incredible. Let me come to HQ, I buy you guys a beer! Yasu2g!) ---- UPDATE, 11-26: This has been fixed on most current version of PBE The 3rd q (the hurricane), is an aimable smartcast, just like the "hold-down-able" Zyra smartcast E I mentioned <3
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