Things to improve on doom bots

the poison trail poisons you, but i can't see the little thingyu that's usually abocve my head when singed poisons me must be because of the map being all red, but i can't see it, you should do Something about that :) And about the background song, although i do like the twisted treeline sound, I don't think it's adequate to an inferno/hell, more to a haunted forest (get my point) will you be making a different soundtrack? also, about the difficulty, i'm a gold player, and playing with 155 ping (from europe) yet i was still able to cope with level 78 if you really want the 100 level to be unbeatable (lets see if someone actually makes it) maybe you should increase the cap to 150, BUT in order to be able to vote higher than 100 at least two members of your team have to have cleared level 90 or above
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