Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion

Hi guys, Now that Ryze is ready to go on PBE, I'll be here to talk openly with you about his changes as he approaches release to Live servers. This update definitely isn't a complete character overhaul, so a lot of what you know and love about Ryze is still there. Arcane Mastery (P) still reduces cooldowns, Overload (Q) is a spammy nuke, Rune Prison (W) is a targeted root, Spell Flux (E) is a bouncy spell, and Desperate Power (R) is mostly unchanged. While this stuff is all true, most of the abilities have been changed in one way or another to help create a package with more engaging gameplay for both Ryze and opponents. I'll save most of my talking for responding to your feedback, so I'll give a quick description of the abilities and let you guys drive questions from there. * Passive (Arcane Mastery) * Casting a spell grants a stack of Arcane Mastery for a long duration. * At 5 stacks, Ryze gets a Mana shield and goes into hyper cooldown mode where spellcasts reduce cooldowns by the cooldown of Overload (Q). * Ryze's abilities still scale with his maximum Mana. * Note: by turning Ryze's passive into a model that has uptime and downtime, we can let Ryze be really strong within that window, and allow opponents a clear opportunity to fight against him outside of it, or cc him during it. * Q (Overload) * Short cooldown skillshot line nuke that deals damage to the first target it hits. * Note: by turning Overload into a skillshot, Ryze can operate at an increased combat range, and opponents have more opportunities to minimize the damage they take from Ryze. * W (Rune Prison) * Targeted, zero travel time root + nuke * Note: this spell is mostly unchanged, and although it's a low counterplay ability, it emphasizes one of Ryze's strengths at reliably shutting down mobility, so we've kept it. * E (Spell Flux) * Targeted nuke and Magic Resist shred that bounces from the primary target to nearby enemies * After hitting the secondary targets, they bounce back to the original target. * Note: we really wanted to reduce some of the random nature of Spell Flux, giving it clear uses cases (especially in lane) that aren't just throwing it at a target and hoping it bounces to the right guys. * R (Desperate Power) * Steroid that grants Movement Speed, Spell Vamp, and area damage on spells for the duration * Additionally passively grants 10/20/30% Cooldown Reduction with rank in the spell That's the basics. I'm looking forward to watching him on PBE over the next couple weeks, and I'll do my best to keep up with any questions/concerns/feedback you guys have during this time. Cheers, RiotRepertoir _______________________________________ 4/10 PBE update: * Reverted base Health changes (back to Live values) * Increased Q damage by 10 at all ranks * Reduced missile speed on all E missiles but the first (to make them more visible; no power gain or loss here) * Increased E secondary target cap to 6 from 4
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