Nearsight and the QSS change - can you promote it to a formal CC type?

It is applied by 4 champions: {{champion:133}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:56}}, which is more than some other types. However, only 1 of them will be removed by the new QSS, due to it being paired with another crowd control type (Tahm). This feels similar to the old nuance attack speed slows had before you upgraded it to a true crowd control type - i.e. Master Yi would ignore Nunu's attack speed slow because it was the same debuff as his movement speed slow, but he couldn't ignore Gragas and Frozen Heart because just-attack-speed-slows weren't real crowd control. Now this would only affect Quinn and Nocturne, because Graves' is a persistent AOE, but I think it lays a good foundation for future uses of the effect. (Well, unless you wanna promote Nocturne's to a persistent global...) There's also the fact that Nearsight interrupts and prevents the casting of "long ranged" abilities (anything you input using the map) - so it does actually apply a disable (a differently flavoured "Grounded" - i.e. a silence with limited application).
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