Reposted because I put it in the wrong thread by accident. One of the integral parts of Zed's identity is his ability to outplay. Shakarez uploaded a video recently, and it showed Zed as a shadow of his former self. Being able to immediately swap with a shadow is core for Zed's mechanics. This one second wait time is just going to make him unplayable. A particular skill that is important for a Zed player to master is the defensive ultimate, as outlined in Azoh's Zed School series. Zed uses his Death Mark defensively to dodge skills with the untargetability and immediately swaps back to his ultimate shadow. It also kills Zed's juke potential without his ultimate. The shadow speed nerf already made juking without the ultimate difficult. Now it's just impossible. You would have to throw your shadow BEFORE the skillshot you intend to dodge is even launched. What can the other player do? Just wait for the shadow to disappear and then throw your skillshot. **Please tell us this is a bug and not an intended change. It only makes Zed absolutely unplayable.** Edit: W shadow is unchanged, only affects his ult shadow.
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