Cait and Graves Rework Artwork Issue

This is just an open letter to Rito, I'd love a Red to respond to this, if one has the time. I've taken issue with one aspect of the Marksman Update. Not gameplay, balance, or anything like that, but with the artwork and clarity for two champs in particular. **My Credentials:** I am an avid target shooter. I've consistently placed in the top 100 shooters in my age group in the Midwest region for 3 years in a row (64th 2013, 53rd 2014, 48th 2015). I am currently pursuing an associates degree in Gunsmithing, and am working with a Junior Olympian to train for future competitions. **The Issue:** Both the Graves and Caitlyn updated animations and artwork are not an accurate description of how ammunition works. Here is a diagram of a rifle cartridge being fired: The cartridge is made up of four parts: The bullet (a conical piece of lead and copper which flies towards the target), the powder (a material that quickly burns and produces a large amount of gas), the primer (a small amount of low explosives), and the casing (a brass, steel, or aluminum capped cylinder that holds the other three parts in place). As seen in the diagram, the primer is struck by the firing pin of the rifle, igniting the powder, and forcing the bullet into the barrel of the gun. Once the bullet exits the barrel into the air, the casing and spent primer are (usually) ejected out of the gun's right side and onto the ground. Both the Graves and Caitlyn reworks show this entire cartridge exiting the barrel of their firearms:] The shape is neither aerodynamic, nor does it have any source of propulsion, as the primer and powder are flying through the air towards the target. Provided Piltover hextech (...Piltian? Piltovrian? Piltovery?) and Runeterran physics at least somewhat resemble Earth tech and physics, the projectiles launched by both Graves' shotgun and Caitlyn's rifle are simply incorrect. The projectile in Cait's passive artwork should be just a bullet, a cone of metal. The projectile launched by Graves' shotgun should be similar, if much larger. **TL;DR** Graves' and Cait's "bullets" show the entire rifle _cartridge_, rather than the _bullet_, which is only one component of the cartridge. On a final note, I understand the artwork is finished, and I doubt anyone will change it. I just felt that you at Riot should know from someone who has experience with real ammunition on a daily basis, how it really looks and acts. Thanks for reading. *Edit: Added Graves Screenshot
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