New Omega Squad Twitch PBE [Feedback]

I'm copy and pasting this from my Reddit accout on r/TwitchMains (I originally posted there). I'm currently trying out the new Omega Squad Twitch on PBE. I'd like to point out first that the video didn't do justice to the skin, it isn't as bad as it may seem. However, I will be going over problems and recommendations on the skin now. **Problems/Recommendations:** * The colors are too similar to all Twitch skins. With the release of a new skin, you'd expect a change from the boring, always green particle effects, however it is still green. The icon of the poison for this skin was changed to be more simple, small, soft, and rounded. I really hope the skin team will do something about the color; he's been out for a long time, and still not particle changes on any abilities. A red tint to go along with his laser sight on gun for his poison particles. I think a neat idea would be that the poison gradually turns red, and when it's at 6 stacks it's fully red. Just an idea. * His goggles aren't used to his full potential. I really think the night goggles Twitch has on in the skin should be utilized. I was thinking that then Twitch enters invisibility, the goggles could move to his eyes mechanically to reduce the animation of him sliding his goggles on his eyes (the goggles automatically slide to his face and make a mechanical noise. * He's holding the knife by the not serrated part of blade rather than the gripping on his model which is very... eh. Doesn't seem very safe, and looks kinda funny. Also when he throws his knife for his E, he throws it rather than chucking it with his tail. I feel like if he used to tail to chuck it at the enemy, it would be better. That idea is kinda iffy for me, but I just want to see what that would look like. * His ult needs to be more spectacular! When you press R, the only thing that happens is that the tip of his gun glows molten colored. I think if maybe when he uses R, he could put his goggles on (or he can put goggles on for Q, either/or are fine). I personally think his gun should mounted with some sort of scope when he uses R. * Twitch's voice over is very underwhelming. It took me a few voice lines of his to realize his voice was robotic-like. It sort of just sounds like an echo. Making the voice more pronounced would be very good. * His chromas are very iffy. These don't look like the type of chromas you promised to make when you started re-releasing them. All they do is change the color of his coat and gear. It'd be great if he was armed with something like different camouflage designs (i.e the digital like desert, snow, grass, etc.). This goes for the new Omega Squad chromas, not just Twitch. So far that is it for this, I will update if needed! :)
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