Morde W, let him self cast.

New post. Hi again. I have some updates that i want to talk about. 1 the old stuff...... (written in Old one) Make w a self cast. And change the "when they get near it spins violently." Make it the same far or not. 2 The Items for him with starter support item is still making no goal.... It works only if someone is near... Not when your mid or top.. 3 Is the spell R have been weaken.... Because when i played Mord I could ult and have a bonus health... (more like i stole those health). Maybe i m wrong for this one. Thank you Taz ~~Old post.~~ ~~Hi, i personally think that~~ {{champion:82}}~~ need to have his spell w enable as self cast. Because it makes ~~ ~~him a bit weaker in laning phase. (even though you improved his q).~~ ~~Thank you~~ ~~Taz~~
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