[Preseason] Itemization Feedback Megathread (December 2nd PBE Build)

[Previous thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/nkXXmX0L-preseason-itemization-feedback-megathread-november-26th-pbe-build) #Bugs * **Void Gate** is too awesome, best PBE day EVER! :D * *fixed in today's build* (This needs to be brought back in the next edition of URF!) * Also: available on all maps. Even though you can purchase Raptor Cloak only on SR. * **Devourer shows the tooltip damage reverted to 40, it's still 25 in-game** * Same goes for Smite tooltip, the recharge system isn't in function yet * Didn't check the exact numbers on Warrior enchantment, but I guess there could be some inconsitency there as well * Guardian's Horn doesn't show up on the active items indicator bar (above Recall and summoner spells) * Tested on the today's patch on Shyvana on a custom Howling Abyss game, still not fixed * When you type "Active" in the shop, the list is incorrect * Nomad's Medallion and Frostfang show up on the list (they shouldn't) * Ohmwrecker and Zz'Rot Portal do not (they should) * AIR Client database seems to be inconsistent with some changes to the jungle enchantments * Devourer shows up at 25, in-game it's 40 * The name of the Summoner's Rift map doesn't show up in the "This item is not available on the following maps" * Said problem causes the tooltip for the Lightbringer to show an empty list (it should contain SR) * Negatron Cloak shows up in the shop and Item Sets under "Health Regen" category (remnants of the old scrapped build) #Icons I still stand by my opinion that enchantments should have different colours than the Machete upgrade backgrounds. It's hard to tell one gem from another, especially when the enemy's items are grayed out. This could be solved by changing Devourer colour to yellow, Skirmisher's Sabre background to brown, and Stalker's Blade background to teal - or, by having distinct gem shapes (oval, hexagon, diamond, rectangle). **I've watched OGN today. Twitch's low quality made it impossible to tell apart Warrior and Devourer enchantments**. Also, Elixir of Iron has its color palette too similar to Elixir of Ruin. #Changelog of 4.21 so far > {{item:3726}} Devourer * ~~Base on-hit damage reduced to 25 from 40.~~ Reverted, and rightfully so. It was WW that was OP, not the item (otherwise we'd see Xin and Udyr dominate solo queue together with WW). I guess it could go down to 30-35 if the power spike on Udyr or Yi becomes too problematic, but I don't see much problem with it on Live. It has simple counterplay: you ban Warwick :P > {{item:3714}} Warrior * No longer grants 10 armor penetration. * Now grants +10% physical damage to champions. Hell yeah! The item gains identity and will be good in lategame builds. Only thing that's left is Magus, but I haven't played enough AP junglers to be 100% sure of where to go with it. Magus is quite gold efficient as it is, but when you compare it to other items, it's equal to Morellonomicon. One thing I've heard from AP junglers is the lack of mana. How about Mana Leech - restore mana based on damage dealt to champions? > {{item:3713}} Ranger's Trailblazer * No longer reduces the cooldown of Smite by 15 seconds. Probably a good change to it. Makes other upgrades comparable. > {{item:3715}} Skirmisher's Sabre * Challenging Smite's on-hit true damage is now dealt over 3 seconds instead of per hit, duration refreshing on subsequent hits. Effectively, Skirmisher's Sabre no longer scales with attack speed/multi-strike. Rest in pepperonis, 4.20 blazeit Warwick. You will not be missed. > {{item:3711}} Poacher's Knife * Still garbage I'm not complaining. Jungle is hard enough as it is without Shaco and Nunu stealing it from me. But maybe a patch or two later we could revisit this item. > **Negatron Cloak** (reintroduced) * Recipe: Null-Magic Mantle + 350g = 850g. * +45 magic resistance > {{item:3026}} Guardian Angel * Recipe changed to Chain Vest + Negatron Cloak + 1250g = 2850g. * Magic resistance increased to 50 from 40. > {{item:3001}} Abyssal Scepter * New recipe: Blasting Wand + Negatron Cloak + 730g = 2440g. > **Zz'Rot Portal** (new item) * Recipe: Raptor Cloak + Negatron Cloak + 780g = 2630g. * +40 armor, +50 magic resistance, +100% base health regeneration * Passive - Point Runner: Run like a maniac during towerdives and come back to lane a bit faster * Active: ZERG RUSH I'm puzzled why is it 30 g more expensive than Ohmwrecker and why it has 40 armor and not 50 to make neat round numbers - but yeah, it's great. Also I'm very eager to hear the SFX of the little dudes. They're perfect. As for other possible Negatron upgrades, {{item:3112}} Orb of Winter and {{item:3170}} Moonflair Spellblade are still waiting - and even I've forgotten about {{item:3180}} Odyn's Veil last time (lol dominion). Do at least Orb of Winter for the sake of Legend of the Poro King. If it's not random, the Sona, Lux , Ziggs and Xerath picks are gonna be quite frequent in that mode. Which is awesome, by the way, everybody gets to be a Lee Sin. > {{item:3028}} Chalice of Harmony , {{item:3174}} Athene's Unholy Grail and {{item:3222}} Mikael's Crucible * Mana Font regeneration increased to 2% from 1.5%. > {{item:3114}} Forbidden Idol * Mana regeneration reduced to 50% from 60%. Well, for one, it fixes the issue with Mikael's Crucible having less regen that its components, for sure. If Idol proves to be underpowered when compared to Chalice (even though it's much cheaper), the price could go down to 550, if anything. All of its upgrades are dirt cheap and grant 100% base mana regen (highest amount in the game), so I guess it can stay like this. AP itemization is an problem on its own, but you've mentioned that you don't want one item to solve all the mana problems - meanwhile, mages that don't use RoA have no other options than Athenes and Morellonomicon. Both are at 20% CDR and are probably too similar. You can't get mana regen from one AP item and CDR from the other one, because manaless AP CDR items are balanced to not be abused by manaless champions, and Archangel is balanced around mana stackers abuse cases (Ryze, Kassadin). > {{item:3097}} Targon's Brace and {{item:3401}} Face of the Mountain * Execution threshold increased to 240 (+100% AD) on Targon's and 400 (+100% AD) on FotM from 200 (+100% AD) on both. Supports rejoice - with minions having much more health that change was really needed. > {{item:2053}} Raptor Cloak and {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker * Removed from Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline. > {{item:3106}} Madred's Razors * Recipe cost increased to 400 from 0 (total cost increased to 750 from 450). * {{item:3159}} Grez's Spectral Lantern cost is 1740 now (sort of back to pre-4.20). Most of the TT/CS/HA mess is cleaned up, we've got even the smite buffs now. Even if not perfectly balanced, at least it's playable. Good job, Riot ManWolfAxeBoss. #Resists I made a [post on the general Boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/u3NL8P61-we-want-defensive-item-purchases-to-be-reactive-wardens-mail-should-build-out-of-chain-vest) that roughly touches the problem. It goes as follows: From the Preseason promo site: > **We want defensive item purchases to be reactive to the situation**, and also not trap players into buying items they don't want, so we've simplified a number of build paths by adding lower-cost components. For example, Chain Vest now builds out of Cloth Armor. Why doesn't {{item:1031}} Chain Vest build into {{item:3082}} Warden's Mail, then? It's not something of top priority, but it matters when you have to decide between Randuin's Omen and Sunfire Cape (already made the mistake of buying Chain Vest once). Buying resistances was supposed to be easier, but with Chain Vest no longer being the "This builds into big armor" item you lose out on flexibility (build big armor first, adapt the final item to the situation later), and Chain Vest lacks any identity compared to other Cloth upgrades, if compared to Warden's Mail and Glacial Shroud as a parallel option. *More (issues with Iceborn Gauntlet and Banshee's Veil) in the forementioned [post](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/u3NL8P61-we-want-defensive-item-purchases-to-be-reactive-wardens-mail-should-build-out-of-chain-vest).* --- That would be it for now. Will update to today's build after PBE goes back up.
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