[Air Client + League Client Update] Ascension is now enabled for testing!

Hello, Summoners! Ascension is our next mode to make it into the League Client Update, and is ready for testing! For Ascension in-game, there have only been a few minor updates: * Added a unique icon for the Xerath Boss (he's not a dragon anymore!) * Added a timeline event to Replays for when Xerath Boss is killed. (Now you can find your sweet highlights around him :D) * Minor bug fixes for various need champs ^_^ For Ascension in-client, there are a few known issues we are working out: * Placeholder art. Currently all the art is Twisted Treeline art :P We should have some updated assets sometime later this week! * Placeholder music and/or no music in Matchmaking or Game Select. We should have updates for this as well sometime this week! For RGM modes in general, we also have a few fixes we are looking to ship live w/ Ascension the mode: * It should be more obvious when banning phase has started, with an audio cue (this is not in yet) * It should be more obvious when it's time to pick champions, with an audio cue (this is not in yet) If you find any bugs, feel free to drop a comment here or report them via the [Report A Bug Tool!](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/) If you have any feedback, also feel free to drop it here :3 Happy Holidays, Summoners! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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