The Shaco changes are not healthy. They should not go through. His passive is only viable with a crit/AD playstyle. It lost it's extra damage for Shiv. You don't reach live duration for stealth until rank 4. Without maxing this, he loses most of his functionality of a stealth champion. The 50% AP scaling is not nearly enough to support an AP playstyle with such a high cooldown, and once again locks you into going full AD to be able to make use of having to max Q. The health change is a necessity that should have been included a long time ago. However, the lack of being able to stack boxes is a huge gut punch to AP once again. If people weren't aware, stacking boxes was a lot more important than just trying to burst someone down. Box stacking could interrupt movement abilities, even Malphite's ult. This was really important for AP and lane Shaco, and was a huge part of his "deceiver" thematic in that he could bait people into wasting their engages. The changes don't even make sense. The rank one damage is 5, and the rank 5 damage is less than half of live's value. The AP scaling is reduced too. They added a slow once again to force AD for auto attacks. They changed the bonus AD scaling to total AD, like I've said before, to force AD playstyle. This change is useless. All it will be use for is a teamfight bomb with hopes of getting off fear. I appreciate the increased time for your clone, but it wasn't necessary. **These changes are not good. They restrict playstyles, they overall nerf his champion as a whole, they promote abusing a specific item set rather than having a variety of options, and kill his strengths. Riot said they wanted to tone down his early game, and they certainly have, but their solution to buffing his mid to late game is simply promoting AD/Crit because it scales well. This is not what Shaco players want. We don't want to be told that the validation for nerfing his best strengths is to build for late game and hope that we are not left behind. This is not a good fix until his VGU.**
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