Well, it has been two days since I have my PBE account, and mostly I have been playing Doom Bots of Doom. We all know that this gamemode consists of you losing your damn head trying to find a composition good enough to survive the 15 minutes before a giant Teemo appears to tear your soul appart :) But, in my opinion, this should be changed. In comparison with the old doom bots, we have this different points to analyze: - The Doom Bots usually got a new power each time they died, now they get different powers periodically and stacking depending on the timer of the game - Now, you get in-game rewards during the game when you kill them. Before, you just got the pressure that they became more and more powerful as they died (However, they get more powerful as they die because they buy new items each time, but we aren't speaking about that :3 ) - The textures are "Hell way" better (Did you get the pun? :DDDD), and the new design of the map in this gamemode is lit - It's a bit disapointing that you've been struggling during 15 minutes to survive and then find that a giant devolish Teemo appears from a Satanic Ritual and starts destroying everything it touches (and I say disapointing not to use any non-polite words xD) Taking a look at this main points, I want to get to the conclusion. THIS IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR OUR BODY. AND I'M NOT EVEN SPEAKING OF THE 100 GAUNLET MODE! In my opinion, for the patch in the main servers they should regulate a bit the difficulty of the gamemode as they did with the Star Guardians gamemode, then it will be more enjoyable. However, you can keep the 100 Gaunlet difficulty in the deep black holes of the isolated parts of the hell, but I'd say that we "calm down" a bit the Teemoing bots. Just a bit, enough for having fun while not being killed 80 times in 10 minutes xDDDDDDD But hey, this is just my opinion! What do you think about it? Do you agree with me? Tell me in the comments your thoughts about this, maybe Riot will read this post! Maybe we will get them to make it easier! Praise democracy! :DDDDDD My most sincerely salutes, AQRE FireHell. EUW Player since Season 3. <3 {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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