[PBE - Jungle Notes] Notes on updated Jungle for 6.22

#Jungle Going to post some details on rough Jungle changes and direction. Most of these changes were done in response to removal of Smite Buffs to retain some kind of context or conditions that would cause each Jungler to rethink how each camp matters to him. This doesn't recapture all of the decision making of Smite Buffs but we're hoping some simpler changes can get some piece of decision making back that we've lost with the removal of Smite Buffs. **Smite Buff Removal:** Smite buffs generally did good work and it was a system that was working well, in my opinion. The complexity cost of the system made adding new content harder but that didn't seem like a problem at the time (because we're weren't adding new content to the Jungle.) With the addition of more map objectives - we had to make a hard decision of removal a system that we liked in exchange for attempting to do more with less complexity. Most of the Jungle changes attempt to recapture some of the decision making we've lost with this change. # **Jungle Items** {{item:1041}} **Machete** * Machete On-Hit damage increased to 20 from 15 * Lifesteal increased to 10% from 8%. {{item:3711}} {{item:3715}} {{item:3706}} Tier-2 Jungle Items * On-Hit damage increased to 25 from 20. {{summoner:11}} **Smite** * Additional buffs gained from Smiting camps have been removed * Smite now always heals you if you Smite a **monster** - healing you for 100 plus 10% of your maximum Health * Smite ammo recharge time increased to 90 from 75 * Smite ammo charge start increased to 1:40 from 1:25 **Notes:** The health scaling here is mostly to balance out Smite's use cases between tanky durable types and DPS types. DPS have natural access to lifesteal - and so the Smite healing will mostly top them off. For tanks though, the discrepancy between healing gets progressively worse and worse mid-game, thus the Smite healing based on maximum Health. # **Overall** * Camp respawn times increased to 150 from 100 * Camp start times now roughly ~3 seconds earlier than before to account for some specific spawn timing changes **Context:** There's a lot of stuff that respawns in the jungle now. We've pushed respawn rates for the jungle up to give time for players to essentially be able to utilize the jungle without having to play an extreme amount of whack a mole on everything popping up and down. **Blue Sentinel** *Now a single target focused camp with a weakness to magic to make it doubly compelling for mages to attempt or steal* * No longer has mini guardians * Now has negative Magic Resistance **Red Brambleback** *Now a single target focused camp with a weakness to physical to enable fighters / carry types to attempt or steal* * No longer has mini guardians * Now has negative Armor **Razorbeaks** *AoE focused camp that should be attractive to characters with either flat damage reduction or rapid AoEs* * 2 more mini razorbeaks have been added to the camp, making the total number 6. **Wolves** *Balanced camp. Doesn't favor single target or AoE significantly as its a fairly neutral camp in terms of jungle positioning* * No major changes **Krugs** *Time Sink / Time Reward Camp. Krugs is out of the way and hard to justify taking. We've doubled down on the time taken and the rewards to make Krugs a valuable but time intensive camp.* * Large Krugs splits upon death to two normal Krugs * Normal Krugs splits upon death to two mini Krugs * Mini Krugs don't split * Total Krug camp reward increased to roughly 150% of the other camps * Large Krugs are resistant to ranged basic attacks but are much slower than other camps * Spawns 15 seconds later than other camps **Notes**: The later spawn time is just to limit the amount of lane shenanigans this tactic has on the early game. While in the far future, we probably want the level 1 poach to have some kind of balanceable tradeoff with a standard start or protecting your jungler - for now, we're just pushing the camp spawn time to limit these starts. **Gromp** *Now significantly less murderous after a while - making Gromp more of a grinder / endurance fight than a straight DPS race* * Has an 100% attack speed boost at the beginning of the fight, decaying over 5 attacks * Spawns 15 seconds later than other camps **Notes**: See Krugs spawn time. # **Jungle Difficulty Scaling** *Slower Junglers were severly punished by the linear increase in Jungle difficulty. What would happen is that faster clearing junglers would clear their camps more quickly - causing faster respawns. Because the respawns came earlier - the new jungle monsters would also spawn at reduced difficulty. As Jungle Monsters don't scale their rewards - this simply led to faster junglers getting more clears and easier clears.* * Jungle Camp Difficulty has been retuned to fit 'brackets' of levels rather than linearly scaling - roughly corresponding to clears. The difficulty of jungle respawns will ramp up to the next tier when the average level of all champions in the game falls under that bracket and the Monster respawns. * Level 1-3: First Clear * Monsters have 100% of their baseline statistics * Levels 4-6: "Second Clear" * Monsters gain 10% health, 50% more resistances and 40% extra damage * Levels 7-9: "End of Lane" * Monsters gain 25% health, 75% more resistances and 55% extra damage * Levels 9+: Returns to linear scaling as by this level - the Jungle is mostly a shared / contested resource across the map. * Monsters gain 40 to 75% extra health and 185 to 370% extra damage. **Note:** With negative armor and magic resistance - this means that Blue and Red's weaknesses to the corresponding damage type actually increases as the game goes on.
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