[Master Shen EUW][Toplane] The most complete and explicative feedback about the recent Shen update.

Hi guys, i'm a Master Shen player from EUW server and a former game designer in board game industry, **my english level is actually low** but i start to learn this language recently. **Be gentle, help me to improve the quality of my text**, but don't start blame me about that, this post take me many hours of work. I hope Riot will finally communicate about Shen and take our feedbacks into consideration. ---------------------- ---------------------- **BASE STATS :** Health: 571 => 540 Health Growth: 85 => 73 Energy: 200 => 400 Armor: 25,7 => 25 Armor Growth: 4 => 2.6 Health Regen: 1,67 => 2.0 Health Regen Growth: 0,11 => 0.15 Magic Resist: 32.1 Magic Resist Growth: 1.25 Damage: 60 Damage Growth: 3,3 => 3 Shen base stats are low for a melee character outside of his base damage level 1. **Most of his base stats have been nerfed significantly** except his base health regen because shen don't have sustain anymore inside his kit. His HP and armor have been reduced A LOT (69 armor base armor level 18, 1780 HP), even if Riot want to balance his stats around his new kit (and particulary his passive and dodge), this look like too much for a melee designed to be a tank. **His armor is actually the lowest of melee characters** and the 3rd worst of the entire League of Legends cast after Mini-Gnar and Orianna.** His HP are the 3rd worst of the entire melee cast** (after Mordekaiser who is very special and arguably an experimental hero at the moment ; and Sion who have his own mechanic to stack HP). Note also that his low armor make him weaker against {{item:3035}} than most of heroes at equal amount of total armor. ---------------------- ---------------------- **SPELLS :** **Passive :** **An excellent passive from mid to lategame.** The shield amount is correct, his duration is very good and we can refresh it pretty easily lategame. **He is weaker than the ancient W early to midgame but he is maybe too strong lategame**, even if the rest of the kit is medium. This passive have a second component : a giant medieval sword, without any effect herself but important for the rest of the kit (active spells). That's not a ninjato at all, it don't remember ninjas, but this sword is badass ! _Problems encountered : 1. The shield is **not very visible** when active (for Shen players like their opponents) 2. **The sword is cool but look like underexploited**_ **Q spell :** A boost of damage for your next 3 basic attacks based on the opponent max health. A correct addition to your DPS who fall-off a lot mid to lategame versus every target. A good point to note is that this spell boost your range about ~75. _Problems encountered : 1. Again, this spell is **not very visible** and his sound need some improvements to be pleasurable 2. This spell don't open to physical itemisation when the champions kit will benefit well from CDR items and "only" 4 defensive items 3. This spell is **pretty weak after early game if you don't snowball your lane** 4. **The boosted Q is not really rewarding for the HIGH difficulty needed to pass the sword through opponents**_ **W spell :** A new spell who fit well to Shen's kit. Even if the spell looks to be a weaker version of Jax dodge (more cooldown, lower duration, no damage, no stun at the end, more dependant from placment, no AoE damage reduction), you can use it to help and protect your allies. This counterpart looks weak but can be sufficient for Shen's kit with some ... additions. _Problems encountered : 1. This spell ... **don't dodge on-hit effect ...** and it make it very weak ! 2. This spell is useless versus casters_ **E spell :** This one is similar (but different you will see) to the ancient taunt. **He deal correct damages** now (thank to the HP bonus ratio) but have bigger cooldown, don't receive damage received anymore and can cost you A LOT if you fail to land it. **Also he deal physical damage, that's a good thing** for Shen imo. _Problems encountered : 1. Cooldown too high considering the lack of CDR accessibility for Shen 2. Energy cost too high in late and frustrant versus ranged characters_ **R spell :** The same at every point. A signature spell known to all, balanced and cool. _Problems encountered : 1. Nothing !_ ---------------------- ---------------------- **REWORK PROS & CONS :** **Pros :** 1. more skilled gameplay 2. no frustrant spam for the opponent 3. excellent visual ! 4. a rework who fit better with offensive items (4 defensive items is better than 5 most of the games, thrust me) 5. very effective Q spell in jungle 6. no random sustain (Shen sustain in particular is not very interesting) **Cons :** 1. weak and random Q spell (lack of scaling / reward for passing through opponents) 2. difficult laning versus most champions at "equal" skill level without great counterparts 3. unclear spells animations (passive and Q) 4. excessive vulnerability versus casters and rangeds champions (and thrust me, you don't want to play versus a lot of melees too) 5. underexploited giantsword 6. too high cost on E for some situations (escape, i you fail to land it, the punition is too high) 7. fall-off a lot mid-lategame versus most targets / compare ennemy tank 8. terrible pusher 9. probably highly better (maybe toxic) in jungle ---------------------- ---------------------- **THE SOLUTIONS :** Base stats : 1. Base HP from 540 to 571 (back to live level 1) 2. HP/level from 73 to 78 (not a total revert, but an acceptable amount to not be the worst tank of the game most of the time) => Here, we don't touch at the Shen's extremly low armor and we Shen don't recover his live HP pool to keep in mind this intentional weakness but we make a comparison with Anivia tankiness a joke and not (yes i exagerate here) a reality. **Passive :** 1. Make the shield more visible for Shen and his opponents (maybe with a different sound) 2. Reduce the HP bonus ratio from 14 to 12% to allow more extensive changes in Shen's kit => Shen's passive is very strong mid-late, maybe a little too much if the rest of hit kit was competitive. This reduction in addition of the clarity will help both Shen's players and opponents to react better in fight. **Q :** 1. Make the spell more visible too (with a better sound, something like Shen's live passive) 2. Boost the damage of the spell from 3 - 5 to 3/4/5/6/7 (5/6/7/8/9 when boosted) 3. Pass the damages from magical to physical 4. Add a little ratio based on HP bonus only when the sword pass through the opponent (1000HP bonus = 2%) 5. Erase the AP ratio => The effect of this spell need to be more visible for opponents as most enhanced auto-attack moves in the game. If the % of damage is significantly buffed to open a better itemisation to Shen (Black Cleaver for CDR, oh yeah), don't forget than most targets stack more armor than magic resist so the buff is not that big but is more rewarding for Shen and will help him to not fall-off lategame as he do actually. **W :** 1. New effect : reduce the incoming damage from AoE spells by 25% 2. Reduce the duration of the spell from 1,75 to 1,5 at all levels => Make the spell usefull versus all and open new possibility for Shen (most of the time, dash to an ally and use Q+W is just bad, dash to the agressor is always better). As counterpart, we reduce the W duration. **E :** 1. Reduce the cost from 180 to 180/175/170/160/150 (yes non linear) => Make the taunt usage less punitive for Shen outside of early. **(Optional) R :** 1. New mechanic : When Shen use his ultimate, the Sword the sword remains attached to his ally for the shield's duration (max 5 sec) => Open new ways for the underused sword and good combo with W (but it can be too strong) !
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