Poppy Update Feedback Thread

Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Unfathomable feats of strength. Victory over impossible odds. The hallmarks of a great hero are almost always obvious, especially to the person displaying them. Almost always. Poppy's been tasked with delivering a legendary hammer to a hero who will become legend.
Quick FAQ on the W 1. 'Dashes' include jumps and flight and what not in the game. They DO NOT include blinks (Flash, Ezreal E etc.). 2. W will not proc if the enemy is untargetable (Fizz E) (12/1) Some thoughts behind the passive This seems to be the one part a lot of you have trouble understanding. Won't be talking about the benefits of having a ranged tool. Mechanically, the shield has a tendency to fly towards walls, to an approximately fair position between Poppy and her opponent. This is to make fights involving Poppy to have an additional point of interest near a wall. They land in a relatively fair spot since otherwise one side will feel that jockeying for the shield pickup is pointless. Does the opponent try to pick up the shield and risk an E or Q? Does he try to bait them out by pretending to go for it? Or does he just give it up, allowing Poppy to have a favorable lane for the next few seconds? These are the kind of questions that I hope the passive to pose. Of course, after laning phase this doesn't work. Which is why as fights become large, the shield will fly much closer to Poppy, making it relatively trivial for her to pick it up but still having some of the Draven element where she must gauge whether the small movement is a cost worth paying for the shield. Hopefully that explains the thoughts behind the passive better! The wait is finally over! Poppy has a brand new kit that you can play after today's PBE update (11/24). When you do (or heck before you do), make sure that you drop your feedback here for my sanity! Changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11/25 (We will not be deploying to the PBE today) 1. Fixed NOT LIKE THIS 2. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Poppy to go through walls with E 3. Created a bit more space between Poppy and the target on successful E stuns 11/30 (Will deploy 12/1 1. Changed Q damage to 40~160 (+0.7 bonus AD) for each hit from 30~170 (+0.65 bonus AD) 2. Base AD reduced to 56 from 58, Armor per level reduced to 3.5 from 4 3. Fixed R missile ignoring spellshields 4. Leona E and Diana R are blocked by Poppy's W 12/1 (Deploys 12/2) 1. Fixed a bug with the R where enemies would sometimes not get knocked up / knocked up in a strange way (If you run into this after the 12/2 deploy please tell us about it!) 2. Yasuo R no longer suggests that he can cast R on enemies knocked up by Poppy 12/2 (Deploys 12/3) 1. Fixed Titanic Hydra to interact with the passive correctly 2. Shield duration after pickup changed to 5 from 4/5/6
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