- Increase the cooldown to her ultimate to 100 seconds at all ranks from 80/65/50 seconds. - For each enemy champion she hits with Final Spark, the cooldown is reduced by 10% (maximum 30%). Doubled to 20% if it's a kill. Would remove her obnoxious wave clear every 30 seconds with her ultimate, but still keep her sniping ability intact. In fact, the cooldown can potentially reach a 25 seconds cooldown with 45% CDR and a 3 man ultimate hit. Maths to prove: 100 x 0.55 = 55 seconds 100 x 0.3 = 30 seconds 55 seconds - 30 seconds = 25 seconds cooldown If you have 45% CDR and you hit 3 people with your ultimate, you ultimate reaches 25 seconds. So, if she uses it for wave-clearing, she'll suffer from the long cooldown, but if she uses it in correctly in teamfights, she'll have it in no time and can even use it a second time if the teamfight drags on. I mean, come on, you guys nerfed the ultimates of Rumble, Ezreal, Lucian and Talon (and I might be missing more) because they were getting obnoxious as they always had it up and could spam it for wave-clearing, so I see no reason why Lux SHOULDN'T be nerfed the same way. Wave-clearing isn't supposed to be one of Lux's strengths, in fact, it's supposed to be one of her weaknesses, but right now, it's easily overshadowed due to how often she has her ultimate up. Since Riot doesn't want to hit Lux's safety, range and sniping ability, I think hitting her wave-clearing is a good idea and a good way to nerf her. Thoughts?
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