The Black Marshes and Deathmatch (Suggestion of new map with new game mode)

> **The Black Marshes and Deathmatch** Hi everyone. I'm Sovcenko, I'm new on the PBE and I want to present you a new game mode which goes with a new map. Yes, I'm a kind of a dreamer, but if we don't try things, we don't do anything. First, I want to warn you, I'm french, so my english could be bad sometimes, so please forgive my faults. I'll begin with the rules of the game mode, the Deathmatch, an hard and fast way of playin'. Each team has to reach a number of kills or have the biggest number of kills at the end of the time. It could be a 4v4 to open new composition. Then, I will present you The Black Marshes, a middle-sized map only composed of jungle, monsters, biggest monsters and bushes. No minions, no towers, no fountain and a short time of respawn. If you have any question, critic or suggestion, ask them in comments. I'll aswer them with pleasure. Here we go ! > **1 – The Deathmatch (4v4)** **a. Objectives ** There's two way of winning : - Reach a team deathscore of 40 kills - Had the biggest number of kills at 30:00 The reason of that timer is for dodge the hide'n'seek who could be play by a team. Just wait and win because you have 4 kills ahead could be frustrating for the others. It brings a new factor of stress too, because you have to hunt before the end of the timer. If the two teamscore are equal, the game count as a loss prevented (or a par maybe ?). **b. Start rules ** There's some rules to respect in the beggining of a game. - Everyone start at level 18. - Each player has gold (13 000) for buying stuff (more or less 5 full items). - There's a short period (1:00) where the spawn is closed (like in dominion). The two first rules are for dodge the snowballing. If everyone start at early level, the advantage taken by a team in the first fights could never be overtaken by the other team, making the game very frustrating. The third one is for leave the time to players to buy stuff and make strategies. **c. Ingame rules ** Some things in others game mode could not be applied in this one. - There's no possibility of recalling. - Respawning time is short (1-2 sec). - Wards, Wriggle Lantern and yellow trinket should be disabled (others trinkets stays). - Revive, Teleport and Garnison are disabled. The short time respawing is here to dodge the camping and to balance the fights. The long-time vision is disabled to add a stress factor and to make short-time vision mechanics (Blue trinket, Grez Spectral Lantern, Lightbringer and Clairvoyance, champions' ability like the one from Quinn or Ashe) more significant. Revive and Garnison are useless, Teleport too because there's nothing on the map to teleport on (see below). > **2 – The Black Marshes** **a. Lore** «  *Come, come closer traveller. Did you know the story about the Black Marshes in Kaladoum ? Far from the Field of Justice, far from the cities, far from the civilisation but never such closer from the War ? A creepy, dark and brutal side of this War. All begins with a rumor, one old treasure, hidden in the Marshes of Kaladoum, created by the void or nameless god, who could realize any wishes to who asked. Like a whisper, the rumor spread all over Valoran. The rumor became a story, the story became a legend. Politicians of Demacia, Noxus and all the cities heard that story and, in the shadows, send the champions of the league to seek that treasure, who could bring peace or domination to one side. And what should happens, happens. The rivalty between cities transform into a bloody fight, a hunt to prevent others side to get the treasure. In the shadows, the Black Marshes became a violent battlefied.* *Only for a rumor.* » - The Wanderer **b. Resume** The Black Marshes is a jungle map with tortured paths, high number of bushes and two fountains. There are several camps of neutral monsters, two mirror camps in the middle of big monsters who gives blue and red buff and one legendary monsters in the center of the map. There's no minions, no tower, and the fountain doesn't heal or kill others champions. This map goes with the Deathmatch mode only. **c. Features** - No lanes, no turrets, no minions. Only jungle. - Two fountains in the topside and the botside of the map who doesn't heal or kills ennemy champions. - Six camps of neutral monsters on each side. - Two big monsters in the middle axis of the map, one Lizard Elder on the leftside, one Ancient Golem on the rightside. - A new legendary monster in the center of the map, the Old Guardian, a kind of Kraken. - Ghosts Relics (heal) in some places of the map. **d. Monsters** - The Old Guardian is the big one, a Kraken hiding in a pit in the middle of the map, who could catch and knock the one who seeks to hunt him. Randomly, he could scream and fear all the champions in sight. His damages are hybrid. When he get defeated, he returned in his pit untill the next time, heal the ones who won the fight and gives them a buff, which increase AD, AP and movement speed. - Wolves, Golems, Wraith and Wight could be keeped, but I want to suggest to replace the Golems by the Haunted Trees, and the Ancient Golem by the Ancient Tree. Only graphics changes. **f. Pictures of inspiration** Map : - - - Old Guardian : - - - Haunted Tree : - - - >** 3 – More ideas ** Here's some ideas i'm not sure to present to members. - At the end of the timer, if there's an equality in deathscore, an extra time of 5:00 is added, with a high buff of damage for each characters (Like +30 % AD and AP), and the first kill gives the win. If there's again equality, loss prevented or par. - The Haunted Tree does not replace the Golems and becomes new monsters. Here's suggestions from other members. - ** Oshikaru ** : At the end of the timer, if there's an equality in deathscore, an extra time of 5:00 is added, with a high buff of damage for each characters (Like +30 % AD and AP), and an ** ace ** gives the win. If there's again equality, loss prevented or par. - ** BlackRazz ** : "Have multiple spawning points. That way, you can't be spawn killed/camped and you can't sit inside of a base with a fountain turret." 5 spawnpoint per team, and you spawn into the one who is the further from an ennemy. - ** Sublimum ** : At the pre-game lobby, have both teams pick their spawn points, have the spawnpoints be the jungles on each side of the base, obviously spawning at their respective teams side. Have them spawn on the Jungle monsters but make them unable to be aggro'd for 30 seconds after the game starts. Make everyone unable to move for a min and a half, this will be the "setup" phase. Then when everyone starts, the game progresses like normal. As for when anyone dies, have the spawnpoints randomly on the map (As the map already seems pretty big anyway with the amount of camps) but when they respawn, have them be invulnerable for a certain amount of time, such as in an FPS game. Doing this will give them time to run or bait them into another. Also could give them a speedbuff possibly. - ** Sublimum ** : Make possibility to ban some champions. - ** Sandalman3000 ** : First to 600 points wins. Kill is worth 10 points. Old Guardian is worth 75 points. Buff monsters are worth 10 points. Small camp monsters are worth 1-2 points. > **4 – Conclusion** All of these are just suggests, ideas, who just borned in my head and on this paper. So, if you want to change them, make others suggests, use them, critic them, you're right. (And if a merciful's soul want to correct my english, he can.) If this idea had enough feedback, I'll make a true map and more details about the monsters and stuff. Thank you all for reading, and see you next time.
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