[Frost Queen's Claim] No late game scaling at all

The item feels much much better now with the recent changes to it, it's just one problem with the item. Once the laning is over, the stacks just doesn't matter. +15 damage is pretty much nothing mid-lategame. You don't really notice if the stacks are up or not. Talisman of Ascension scales into late game because it is % movespeed and that is never bad. Face of the mountain heals for % hp, and shield is based on scaling stats. Could Frost Queen's Claim get a small AP ratio, both on active and on passive? I am talking like 0.1 AP - 0.2AP ratio on each stack, and like 0.3-0.5AP ratio on the active slow effect. This would make the item feel good during mid-lategame too, and it would enhance the poke of champs that does poke. I usually sell the item when I get to 4-5 items, because it doesn't matter much at that point. Tagging Xypherous the Item Master.
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