[5/28] Taliyah really only needs buffs to help her against mobility

I have already left feedback of other changes that can be made (like a smaller worked ground radius for building AP for less worked ground restrictions in the late game), but this is will be her most needed buff which is giving her some help against mobile champions and assassins (mobile assassins need majour changes focusing on a more enjoyable experience to play against, because this class is never fun to go against and a big reason to why they get banned as well). **** Taliyah things she needs are really buffs to her E, as in more range like an extra layer of rocks, the same enemy can only detonate a max of 4 rocks (same as damage), base slow and ratio buffs, and most importantly a ground debuff when in the rocks (on top of the range increase). And maybe 10% more AP to her rocks (+30% AP for E-W combo) or a healthier damage increase is enemy dash-types through the rocks take double damage (E-W combo would be left the same damage). A utility-control mage should be able to control mobile champions and not just immobile champions, because Taliyah's problem lies in her being weak against a mobility creeped game and nothing with her actual power (though her E range is too short and slow slightly weak)
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