Actual Feedback on Soraka

After playing several games on soraka, I feel that it's time to give proper feedback on how Soraka feels, plays, and health. **HOW SORAKA FEELS** Soraka feels worse to play. Plain and simple. Before, landing Q was about regaining the HP lost from using your W. Now, using Q is EVERYTHING. Restoring HP to yourself, Restoring HP to allies by empowering her W, slowing enemies for a minor amount of peel. Overall, Q feels like there's just too much there, and all of it is too important to give up. The HP/mana Regain are so low that it feels like it's not even there. Then you also have the fact that landing Q on multiple enemies is no different than landing it on 1. No massive boost to regen, no instant restore, no way to clutch out a survival when being dove because you landed Q on 3 people at 5% HP and you shot up to 30%. It honestly feels terrible to use now. Her W feels horrible to use because of it's incredibly low base amount and meh scaling. Considering it still costs 10% of her max HP, and Q will barely restore 3-5% of her max HP, it feels like you can't maintain your heals because not only are you gaited by mana, but also your own HP. This means rather than your clutch heals feeling good, they feel bad because you're now putting yourself at an even greater risk to use your W. Her E is unchanged, and is still a great counter to assassins and engage combo champs like Riven. R is the same thing as before, and nothings changed about it. **HOW SORAKA PLAYS** Soraka's playstyle is now drastically different than what it was before. Before it was focus on healing, and throwing out the occasional Q to restore HP to maintain heals. Now you spam Q's endlessly to maintain your own HP so that you can heal. It's constantly being thrown out in hopes of continuing the meager HP regen so that you can continue healing properly. Soraka now is forced to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse just so she can attempt to heal her team. She can no longer counter poke comps because her Heals aren't strong enough, and her self sustain isn't good enough to maintain her W. Overall, soraka feels worse to play, and is worse overall. The only reason I've done as well as I have in my games as soraka is because i'm really experienced with her. **SORAKA'S GAME HEALTH** Soraka's game health, or how healthy she is in the game environment is is now insanely low because the fact that her self sustain is now non-existent, so now people feel good about going in on her and blowing her up. However, this isn't fun for the Soraka player, who struggles do even do her primary job of healing her team. Her Q restore still requires a projectile to reach her before the restoration starts and overall, playing soraka is now a frustrating struggle where you're ready to blow up at your team for taking so much damage because you're constantly losing HP to heal them. **POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS** If you're really dead set on pushing through a minor Soraka Rework, please make sure it feels rewarding to still play Soraka. Possible Changes: Q: Alignment: Now stacks up to 5 times based on number of champions hit. Q: Alignment: No longer has a particle travel time for Alignment Regeneration to start. Instead, The current particles to show Soraka has Alignment spiral up around Soraka to show that it has started, then dim down to current VFX to show she's undergoing the regen. Q: ALIGNMENT SCALING: 50/60/70/80/90 HP and 20/30/40/50/60 Mana (+.1 AP for each) to 50/65/80/95/110 (+.3 AP) HP and 25/40/55/70/85 (+.2 AP) Mana over 5 seconds. Q: Mana cost increased to 70 at all ranks. W: Casting W on an ally while you have alignment refreshes the duration on yourself, and grants a single stack to your ally. W: Base Heal increased from 70/100/130/160/190 (+.6 AP) to 90/120/150/180/210 (+.6 AP) W: NEW PASSIVE: Miracle: When Soraka is below 5% HP, Alignment is consumed automatically and restores it's full amount of HP to Soraka instantly. Right now, Soraka is honestly not worth the pick. In each game I picked Raka, I wish I had picked different champions. Usually either Janna or Nami. Hell, even Sona would've been a better pick in each game I played with Raka. TL;DR Soraka's changes drastically change her gameplay pattern, her feel, and her game health. None of them in a positive direction for the Soraka player.

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