Suggestion: Killing Scuttle Crab will manage the element of the Dragons.

So, we have 4 elements and a dragon: Wind, Earth, fire and water. And we have 2 crabs which usually dont do anything special except giving some vision for a While... So, we could give to them some utility on this game to become them useful and another valid objetive: As I said, we have the four elements: Then we would manage the Crabs as some sort of Switch. The Top Crab will change the selected element to the left. The Bot Crab will change the selected element to the right. Using the image as reference, and the positions we have the base of Wind, Earth, fire and water, and using that example I would explain how this work. The first dragon element will be randomly selected in the start, when the scuttle crabs appears, the element will be reveiled (or when the dragon fly on top.) Lets take in this example that the first dragon is the Fire one. - Fire dragon is spawned( number 3 on the select position.) - Top Crab is killed. - Dragon Performs the fly knock up and changes into the left element on position, which is earth, so dragon become Earth Dragon. - no one picks dragon, Top crab is killed again, position shift again to left, so the dragon arise again and transforms into the position 1, so it becomes wind dragon. If the Bot one is the one killed, the position will move instead to Right, so from 1 you will go to 2,3,4,1 in that order. If the top one get killed the order will be(starting from one in this example) 1,4,3,2. After 1 minute of being killed, The mark will show which element is the next one to be selected, so you can choose the element using the scuttle crabs. This wont be really OP since the counterplay relies on the enemy killing the crabs too to prevent the stacks of the same dragon, or to pick some desired effect. Ancient Dragon will work as intended and the crabs wont affect it at all, Unless an extra passive could be added in which for every Crab killed by the team, the ancient dragon buff is extended 10/15 seconds, or something like that. Of course, this is not really needed, but it would be a fun minigame to add, since people love the management of these things.{{summoner:31}}
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