Will divers get some relevance in this season?

Seriously, there's no reason to play a diver in this game since almost a year. All the teams get unlimited shields from Locket and supports, constant healings and making your DPS as a diver completely pointless. ADC are unkillable if you try to dive them because peel is too much. Tanks can't be killed because they get shields for days and exposing too much would destroy you. You're barely relevant mid game with champs like Irelia or Vi, but latemage you're useless. Also, divers lack items. There are pretty few diver items like Wit's end and it becomes useless late game, BotrK is almost nerfed, Trinity doesn't work for everybody and Nashor is the only option for AP divers like Diana. We need more melee AS items with interesting actives/passives like damage scaling with your AS, or dealing extra damage against shields so you can say 'we need a diver in our team'. Give them a reason to be played.
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