About Ornn's forging items passive

I've been testing his passive multiple times in Practice tool and I wanted to share my opinion about it. So based on the item that you currently have, it offers you other items to forge. However having: 1. {{item:1031}} + {{item:1028}} often doesn't offer neither {{item:3067}} nor {{item:3109}} even if you already have {{item:3068}} . 2. {{item:1036}} + {{item:1028}} never offers {{item:3044}} , it's always {{item:3052}} which you can only upgrade to {{item:3022}} because it doesn't give never offers {{item:3748}} or {{item:3053}} . 3. {{item:3057}} + {{item:1036}} + {{item:1028}} still offers {{item:3052}} and the only way to be able to forge {{item:3044}} is by buying {{item:3101}} + {{item:3057}} in fountain. 4. {{item:1006}} + {{item:1029}} doesn't offer {{item:2053}} unless you already have {{item:1057}} or {{item:3067}} , which is fine for {{item:3056}} and {{item:3512}} but is uncomfortable if you want {{item:3060}} . 5. {{item:3801}} + {{item:3114}} doesn't offer {{item:3107}} ... instead {{item:3800}} shows up. Then I tried buying random components like: {{item:3086}} , {{item:1038}} , {{item:3134}} , {{item:3145}} and so on and it didn't seem to change your options of forgable items. However, buying {{item:1058}} offers {{item:3070}} but doesn't offer {{item:3003}} afterwards. It was said, that he hates merchants of Rift and that's why he forges his own items so it'd make sense that he should require to shop in fountain as little as possible but from my testing, it seems that you need to go shopping in fountain quite often (well it highly depends on what you want to build). The thing that I really don't like is that his "Default" forgable items doesn't include {{item:1028}} and even if you buy it in fountain it doesn't offer {{item:3067}} / {{item:3801}} incase you want {{item:3109}} / {{item:3083}} / {{item:3800}} . **So I'm interested, if it will be looked into and improved during it's time in PBE or is this intended to force him to go back more often?**
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