[Feedback] Will of Ancients PBE Changes

Hey all, I just poked around a bit, and I wanted to offer some feedback on Will of the Ancients. I wanted to say that while I like the idea of adding an Spell Vamp, CDR, MP5 item, I don't think that converting WotA into that item was the way to go and here's why. My assumption is that the aura was removed due to the increase in support gold. Keeping wota as an aura item would make it a mandatory purchase due to it's team wide increase. Basically gives team Baron the whole game! However, I think adding somewhat useless stats while dropping the cost by less than 200, doesn't outweigh the loss of 150 team wide ability power and spell vamp. Couple that with the fact that I think the changes were made with support in mind for this item, and I can tell you supports will overlook it. The item simply doesn't provide the value supports are seeking, and they will spend their 2550g on something that is more beneficial. Not to mention they lose the 8g poke on the new WotA and only gain the 10% CDR, 20% spell vamp, and 3 mp5 for their troubles of collecting another 1200g. It just doesn't sound like an item I would want in a support role. These above comments don't even take into consideration that you've pigeon-holed Hextech's build path and excluded quite a number of champions that may rotate this item in, just to make it a support item. I know that some of the more frequently used mana-less champs like Vlad and Rumble would pick this item up for additional lane sustain. I was always told to never come to the table with an issue without a solution, so here is what I propose. Will of The Ancients Requires Hextech Revolver, Fiendish Codex. Cost 1200, 820 + 600 recipe + 70 ability power + 10% CDR + 15% Spell Vamp Passive: Grants +2% spell vamp for every 10% of your missing health. Very similar orientation to Maw of Malmortius. It gives our champions who are often found in the thick of combat a bit more staying power, but not enough to trivialize an engagement or incoming damage. One of the main reasons for this recommendation is that I think Kage already has far TOO many build paths, and 2 of them are GREAT support items. They do not need a 3rd support item, just to take away from mana-less melee ranged ability power champs. I feel this is a sound foundation, and should be treated as a resolution to the changes to Will of the Ancients. Thanks so much for reading!
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