Make New Champs Or Reworks UNBANNABLE From Now On. Please

Every single game I get in , since it is ranked , people ban most of assassins leaving me with no choice but to play the same assassins over and over again and leaving me not able to find any bugs on most assassins. We are PBE we should be playing all the reworked champs and not only 1 out of 10 because 6 are banned. Sincerely , Iced Kappacino , A.K.A SmartiesGold. P.S: My thoughts on LB are that her kit is pretty lackluster. She is more fitting into mages than assassins as of rn imo. R-R feels useless because nobody falls for it or even reacts to it , cooldown on passive is pretty useless considering there is an activation time on the LB passive mark. On these words See you later! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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