I know that this was posted before, but i am trying here to make a more thorough of {{champion:45}} 'E' problems. As of patch _5.6 Notes_ Riot introduced a change to E (Event Horizon) that says: ** Enemy dashes through Event Horizon's walls will stop at them instead.** In some (5 or 6) of my games i got to be against champions who this didn't work with. These champions include: {{champion:81}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:5}} when they used their abilities of _dashing and/or flashing_. This happened around the _URF_ period. Haven't tried it recently because people whom I've played against as {{champion:45}} haven't had a dash or flash ability, but yet i thought of mentioning this. I am going to try this with champions such as: {{champion:51}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:105}} etc... and see if i notice something. In the meantime, has anyone experienced something similar to this when playing as {{champion:45}} ? I didn't post this in **Bugs** because it might be connected to the champion play itself, meaning that it is not meant to block those types of plays. Any ideas?
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