Yorick Needs A Visual Update/Change

Lately I was playing a game of Yorick{{champion:83}} in the jungle on the PBE and personally I don't play him normally...or ever nor do MANY other people who play League of Legends but after playing this game I questioned quite a bit to be honest. I found that in the jungle he can clear very well and his ganks because of the slow from his w are at the very least decent but a huge thing that I noticed that he could do very well was DESTROY the Rift Herald. With barely any items he absolutely crushes the Rift Herald due to it's weakness of being hit in the back. Because of this whenever Yorick{{champion:83}} thows down one of his signature ghosts, Herald turns around to kill it letting Yorick{{champion:83}} do at least 2-3 blows on its back taking out 2k health. I think that because S6 is coming rapidly that this could very well be a great champion to get a lead for your team early game to have a baron and crush down some objectives. Unfortunately Yorick{{champion:83}} is almost never played. I think this is because his play style is very different compaired to many other champions but the biggest reason is in my mind because he looks like trash, I am truly sorry riot but you failed on this man design and even his skins are very lackluster. Maybe if riot gave Yorick{{champion:83}} a bit of a visual touch and give him another skin that looks *good* and while were at it change him and his abilities a little giving him a small rework while still keeping his ghost summoning feeling he would be looked upon as a cool and fun champ to play not have the.... Urgot effect which I might get in to some other day. (I mean seriously even his splash is weird and strange asf) Thanks for reading my opinion comment down below if you have something to say. -KeithMusic
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