Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread

Salutations, Miss Fortune is receiving a fairly significant update with the next preseason. It may not be as dramatic as some of the other Marksmen, but it should better solidify her place in the Marksman lineup and the League roster as a whole. * **Miss Fortune is making her return as the queen of the Wombo Combo** * Bullet Time now channels for a higher max duration and thus higher max damage output (DPS is similar if not better in most cases) * Bullet Time now scales much better into the later parts of the game - Miss Fortune now fires waves more rapidly at higher ranks and Bullet Time waves can now critically strike (but at a reduced amount) * **Impure Shots is gone and has been replaced by Love Tap** * Love Tap is now MF's character passive - it's a new basic attack mechanic that deals bonus damage whenever Miss Fortune attacks a new target * MF now gets a lot more value if she can manage to bounce her attacks between 2 or several targets * Strut has been moved to W's Passive now that Love Tap is her character passive This isn't all of the nitty gritty details, but gives you guys an overview of the larger changes we made to the kit. Feel free to leave feedback once you guys get a chance to test her out. Hope you guys enjoy!
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