About Annie support being picked frequently with the new support meta

Hello, I've seen Annie being picked as support way more often after pre season 4 changes and the huge changes to this role that is quite different from before. Annie was a reliable stunner with a nice burst at level 6 for easily achieving kills to her ADC. Now I would like to suggest few path that could be taken for making at least counter playable this Annie bot lane: - Make Q a line skillshot that collides with the first enemy it hits. This won't change much in my opinion but could be at least more tricky for Annie to use this dot poke. - Transfer some damage when she actually spawns Tibbers to Tibbers basic attacks so that this will offer a chance to survive or counter attack. - Decrease the AA which is one of the best ingame, at least for preventing some occasional poke. - Decrease Tibbers or Q cast range, so that Annie has to expose herself for an "highrisk/highreward" action. I would like to ask to the community what does think about these options
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