Me and my friends have been testing alot of stuff and will post any bugs or suggestions here ^_^ * {{champion:51}} 's new passive sometimes just refuses to work and does nothing except show the range indicator * We have a nice new fancy UI, now we just need to be able to change runes/wards in game champ select * For some people their clients crash when pressing the **Done button in champion select * If 2 people join very fast into draft pick (2 - 3 seconds apart) and you click the role choice wheel your client may crash * If you start a draft mode and click the help icon near settings it may cause your client to freeze/crash * Pressing ready stops you from being able to type in chat * Editing masteries or making a new mastery page and the timer hits zero sets your page to 0 masteries and you join the game using no masteries. (WIP will be adding popular bugs also ^_^) Visual bugs (below are screenshots) * Invisible Kassadin : * Invisible Kassadin : * Xin Xaio Ghost Model : * Vel'Koz Ghost Model : Kassadin sometimes turns his model invisible randomly with the new skin. other "ghost models" are also shown in those pictures above ^
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