Nerfing Evelynn even more in 5.6?

{{champion:28}} is looking to receive some changes, those being: Shadow Walk (passive) re-stealth time reduced to 6/5/4/3 at levels 1/6/11/16 from 6 seconds at all levels. Dark Frenzy (W) [ Passive changed to -"Passive: Evelynn's spell hits on enemy champions reduce Dark Frenzy's cooldown by 1 second" from granting movement speed for 3 seconds on spell hit] First of all, the one that isn't a nerf should be addressed. The passive change doesn't do much for Evelynn. Her job is to have strong impact early in the game by forcing opponents to have to play around her, and having the re-stealthing time stay long at the lower levels means she's still going to have to wait around 3 seconds after clearing a camp for her passive to kick in. Late game she doesn't care about popping out of her stealth because if they're planning to flank and engage using stealth then they'll make sure it's up no matter how long it takes for it to activate, kinda like with Twitch (except Twitch doesn't initiate by himself). Then, we move on to the outright nerf to Dark Frenzy. Why is it a nerf? Because she loses the movespeed she got from it. Well, at least hitting the enemies with her spells will make it up more often to compensate, right? Uhhhhhh not really, if you get to bash a target for the 5-6 seconds it takes to completely refresh the cooldown with this new passive the target will probably already be which case Dark Frenzy's reset mechanic kicks in...I understand it might be more for helping her kite and duel tanks and the like, but it's not like that was a problem for her. As someone whose damage has been gutted so harshly she needs to be tanky, and tanks don't kite during fights, they jump right in. She's has decent damage as a tank so she could already duel others on even footing for the most part. The movespeed buff helped her keep up with targets, because lets face it, her ish auto windup and E cast time will leave her lagging behind and unable to whap the enemies continuously without the movespeed. At least that's how I view the planned Evelynn changes, I could be wrong, but I'm definitely not a fan.
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