[Suggestion] Sona's Powerchord Passive

{{champion:37}} *♪ Only you can hear me, summoner. What blood shall we shed today? ♫* Sona's rework is, in my opinion, amazing. Sona got me into supporting when I joined during Lissandra's release. I've mained support ever since. She's a great character and has a great concept, which is why this rework is very dear to me. This rework, while in need of a bunch of tweaks and balance changes, is going in absolutely the right direction. But what baffles me is why the passive was left unchanged. Now, don't get me wrong, I think what the passive grants is great. Bonus damage, damage reduction, and a slow. That doesn't need to be changed (well, maybe the bonus damage, it's not very support-like). But the way Sona gets this passive I feel like should be toyed around with. While playing Sona (again) today on PBE, I thought of an idea about her passive. Rather than stacking up the powerchord through abilities, she instead stacks it up through the amount of auras she grants. It's a small change. sure, but I think it's something that should be experimented with. Meaning no, I don't think this is definitely 100% what should be changed with this precise concept. It's just that Sona is in a state right now where should be changed around and tested on, and I think the passive is no exception. I'm actually somewhat disappointed that her abilities haven't been changed around more. So, her passive is currently a stack-based system based around her Q, W, and E. After 3 abilities, your next auto-attack does bonus damage and applies an effect. Instead, it could be experimented with that granting auras to teammates gives stacks. So after tagging allies with auras *x* amount of times, you gain the powerchord. This would build up slowly in lane, which is fine because currently getting her powerchord during laning is much too easy and makes Sona ridiculously easy to utilize. In return, her Q could be granted more damage again, to maintain her poke-heavy character. This would also create counterplay during her laning, as enemies would have to actively discourage you from tagging your lane partner to give you a powerchord stack. And during teamfights the powerchord would be easier to stack up and she would maintain her current state. Not much would be changed, since right now she can spam powerchords up the ass once she gets to teamfighting. She would still be able to do this, would creates an active teamfight about proper targeting and focus. This is good and healthy for gameplay. This change to her passive would mainly balance her from laning to teamfighting, as right now her early game is incredibly strong, but so is her late game and mid game. I feel like balancing her out to be a better late game champion might be a better direction for her to head in, but that's just my opinion. Hell, this whole post is my opinion. If you disagree, that's fine, tell me why. As for Rioters reading, please don't be afraid to change Sona around some more. Although others may disagree, I love seeing all of the changes, buffs and nerfs. Because I *know* these changes are tentative, and she'll receive good balance once she's released for live. Thanks for reading, and give some thoughts!
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