Banner of Command and Locket of the Iron Solari Feedback:

Banner of Command, please remove the magic damage immunity and return it to promoting SIEGE MINION only and grant the SIEGE MINION an aura that makes nearby minions deal increased damage to have it about barreling down a lane for the strategy of the support can get Banner of Command, promote a SIEGE MINION, and then force a Baron Nashor play as the Promoted SIEGE MINION and its buffed up minions destroy the enemy minions and try to take a turret or even an inhibitor on their own - and force at least one enemy champion to deal with that wave. There is a lot more win conditions to this aspect than magic damage immunity minion which is just obnoxious to play against (granting damage immunity is usually never good design, but its worse when its selective damage immunity which it is in this case because magic damage dealers cannot do anything about it). _(SIEGE MINION is the Cannon Minion.)_ **** **Locket of the Iron Solari:** Remove the Null Magic Mantle and build from Kindlegem instead for health and CDR and less MR.

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