Bard in Nexus Siege ( my opinion )

IMO Bard in nexus siege mode is so lack luster , when you're attacking you get your spikes okay and can roam pretty well , but you dont really get much chimes because for a 20 minute game , you dont get enough chimes spawning in. The true problem tho is when defending. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET MY CHIMES WHEN THEY ARE IN ENEMY (mini fountains) I missed around 20 chimes because it would be suicide taking them in their mini fountains. Riot try to fix chime spawning please ^^ , other than that nexus siege is a blast for me but the balista price should be 200 while teleport price 100. The teleport anywhere isn't so game changing while the balistas are way too strong with their long range and low price. ~~1 balista per back/death is a lil op . Should be 1 balista per like 2 deaths , maybe increase balista price to 200 special currency. Tell me what you thought about the nexus siege gamemode in the comments! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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