Hey folks, We’ve gotten some really great feedback about the Night Hunter Rengar skin! One of the things that seems to keep coming up is the suggestion that either his hood comes down during his ultimate, or else maybe a toggle ala Neon Strike Vi’s sunglasses to control the hood being up or down. We hear you guys, and we think doing something with his hood is a really cool idea, too! So we are going to explore what we can do with it and what works best for the skin. Since we have a new (technically complex) idea to explore and work on, we are unfortunately going to pull Night Hunter Rengar from the PBE until we have another version suitable for testing. We’re sorry about that, but we want to make sure he’s as awesome as possible! What does that mean for you guys? For those of you who purchased the skin on the PBE, we will remove him from your accounts and give you a refund soon. Otherwise, if somebody tries to load into a game with him, it can crash, and that’s no bueno. As soon as he’s ready for a new round of testing, Night Hunter Rengar will definitely reappear on the PBE! You’ll be able to repurchase him then and check out his new and improved state. Thanks for being understanding about this, and we hope you will like what we wind up doing with him! Since you guys will have to wait a little longer for this bad boy, here’s a poem: Knife kitty, night kitty, put you on a slab. Stealthy kitty, hunter kitty, stab stab stab.

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