Avarice Blade and the gold item limitation

Considering the new domain, where you're only allowed one gold-generation item, Avarice Blade seems to me to be in a very ill-considered spot. It's the only gold item that builds into non-gold items, which leaves things in a bit of a weird spot. Suppose, for instance, I'm playing Jungle Yi. So, I'm jungling away, earning a gargantuan amount of gold from my Wriggles, and I want to go and build a Ghostblade. But good heavens, I only have 900 gold! Even though I have enough gold for one component of the Ghostblade, I'm not allowed to buy it. Similarly, if I pick up an Avarice Blade early, I can't upgrade my Razors into a Lantern. This isn't right. I understand the limitation of one gold item per champion, but Avarice Blade makes no sense as a gold generation item within this paradigm. Either strip it of its gold generation (and perhaps refluff it), or turn the items that build from it into an AD enhanced gold tree. In its current state, it leads to counterintuitive and player unfriendly situations where I can buy a big item, but not its ingredients.
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