Jaurim's Fist is so uncost efficient, you better buy Long Sword + 2 Ruby's and dont upgrade the item

In the latest PBE update Jaurim's Fist got a cost increase of 160 gold. - A Long Sword cost 300 gold and gives 10 AD. - A Ruby Crystal cost 400 gold and gives 150 heath. - The whole item cost 1200 gold and gives 15 AD and 150 AD and has a passive that needs to stack 30 times to give (5 x 30) 150 health. --------------- Why on earth would you pay (1200 - 300 - 400) 500 gold for 5 Attack Damage??? I know it has a passive but the passive, when fully stacked, gives 150 HP, and a Ruby Crystal cost only 400 gold and you have the 150 health IMMEDIATELY. So a tip: if you buy Sterak's Cage, Frozen Mallet or Titinic Hydra, NEVER buy Jaurim's Fist. Better buy the Long Sword, the Ruby Crystal and another Ruby Crystal (every build path has anoher Ruby Crystal in it so it's possibe). I know maybe you have no place for 3 items, but then better buy something else, cause Jaurim's Fist is waaaaay to expensive.
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