Hexakill Twisted Treeline changes now up for testing

Hi folks! Hexakill Twisted Treeline is coming back in 6.17, and I wanted to talk about some changes we’ve worked on since last time it showed up. We like to make tweaks to our returning modes from time to time to make sure they keep feeling fresh. http://i.imgur.com/CmSF0vF.png So, Twisted Treeline has a problem when there’s twelve people jammed into it - its bases are tiny, cramped, and all but un-crackable. If frequently led to one team “winning” at 15 minutes, but only managing to actually cross the finish line after 40 minutes. That whole time, the losing team was trapped, and could only dream of seeing the world past their base steps. We took a two-pronged approach to this - on the one hand, reduced snowballing means the defending team often has a fighting chance to come back, and on the other, a team with full map control can use the stronger Altar buffs and more frequent Vilemaw spawns to finish the game off more quickly. We also felt that there wasn’t enough of the fun, brawl-y, teamfight-y action going on, so we’ve updated map objectives to lead to more of these twelve-man throwdowns, as well as handing out more gold and XP so that you aren’t stuck at level 2 forever. For a little more detail: **A Fighting Chance ** * We’ve increased passive gold gain and added some passive XP gain, in an attempt to curb snowballing somewhat. The team that’s ahead is still ahead, but the losing team can still come back. There’s no reduction of gold or XP, either, so you’ll just be richer in general. **Go Punch Each Other** * We’ve removed the front towers in each lane, so it’s back to the “old” TT layout, which makes ganks better and make it possible to roam without conceding tower damage. We cut the Altar lock time in half, so they’re up to be contested more. **Objectively Better Objectives (okay it’s totally subjective)** * The two-Altar bonus has gained some new stuff. On top of beefier minions, you also get a faster Recall and immunity to Vilemaw’s web-vacuum attack. Go fight the spider! Speaking of which, Vilemaw respawns faster - if you’re way ahead, you’ll be getting Vilemaw-buffed minions consistently to smash down the enemy base sooner rather than later. **Free Updates Are The Best Updates** * Regular ol’ Twisted Treeline got some love in 6.14, and we get to reap the benefits! Items got changed up, and jungle camps give better rewards, so taking a jungler is (hopefully) a more valid strategy, which means securing Vilemaw will be that much easier. So yeah! Give it a spin, and then let me know if you think we’re hitting the goals, or if we missed the mark. Bug reports for the mode are also always appreciated :) Thanks!
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