New Game Mode! (idea)

Ok so i thought and thought and BAM new game mode idea. The new game mode is called, League Roulette (idk how to spell it :P) Ok so let me explain how it works. If i picked {{champion:103}} and i i picked my Q as a lvl 1 abilaty i whould get a RANDOM Q from A RANDOM AP champ, I where an adc and i pciked E i whould have gotten a RANDOM ADC E. And so on, i think this whould create a new set of gameplay. Imagine it, Being {{champion:30}} and you pick ur ult as a lvl 6 abilaty, u get a random one. Lets say you get {{champion:81}} ult instead! That whould just be fun. Imagine the new ways to play or Create new combos there are thousands of diffrent play-styles. You just get to NOT deside this time. its all.......RANDOOMMMMMMMMMMMM :))))))
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