Idea for a buff to Poacher's Knife

So I think most people can agree that Poacher's Knife is kind of the most situational and possibly weakest upgrade for Hunter's Machete there is. So I think it could use a little buff that is practical and actually could be used pretty strategically and that is to make it so you get the same movement speed buff and 20 gold for using the smite on enemy minions as well. That way you can use smite in lane like all of the other upgrades, unlike before where it would feel like a waste to use smite on a minion when you had Poacher's. You could also take away the 20 gold part from doing it to enemy minions if you feel that would cause a weird strategy of using smite on lane minions only to get the 20 gold. Anyways I feel like the movement speed from smiting a minion would be the perfect buff to Poacher's because then you could use smite strategically in fights to either escape with the small boost or to help you chase down someone when you gank.
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