**12/10 Update**: Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're wrapping up this round of testing, but we'll be looking for more volunteers in the future. - - - Hey PBE Community! As part of our ongoing effort to examine the way people learn League of Legends for the first time, we’re taking a look at a couple of the first things new players encounter. Current testers will need to request access to this content by asking to be leveled down, but new testers will be exposed to it for a few hours before they're auto-leveled to 30. **The landing page** The landing page is a critical space that we can use to deliver information and content to players. For veteran players, things like news articles and featured matches are easy to understand, but not much of that is relevant to a brand new player. For low-level accounts, we’re trying to customize this space to convey content that is informational and interesting to someone new to the game or the MOBA genre. We plan on exploring and iterating on this content over time, but would appreciate your feedback on this first pass. **Early champion choices** The Free to Play rotation is a great tool to give players access to different champions every week. There are some champions, however, that are simply not meant for a first time League of Legends or MOBA player to pick up and play immediately. We’ve identified champions that are better at introducing the mechanics of the game to a first-time player and implemented a tool that allows us to offer this alternative list to players under a certain level. By segregating these champion choices, we can make sure that the Free to Play rotation caters to the needs and desires of veteran players while offering new players access to champions with more straightforward mechanics. This test on the PBE will not necessarily be using the optimized list of introductory champions since we know testers are veterans of the game, but we appreciate you testing the transition from the new player champion pool to the Free to Play rotation. --- If you are a part of the new batch of PBE testers seeing this content for the first time, please take a look and give us your feedback - make your best attempt at viewing it from the eyes of a new player! The Onboarding team will be keeping an eye on this thread and addressing questions, concerns and speaking to our approach of teaching new players to play League. **If you are already a tester on the PBE and would like to have your level reset to be able to experience this content, please post in this thread and it will be reset.** Thanks!
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