YO. It's time for some SHEN REWORK TALK.

So the reds have seen the feedback, right? How New Shen is about as well-received as New Coke? **BROSKIS. LET'S DISCUSS.** _Old Shen._ Passive - Bonus damage on autos sometimes. Cooldown reduction on W rewards you for good tank play by giving you more impact when you shield in a fight. Q - Point-and-click damage. Weak-ass poke, but the heal-on-damage meant he could interact in a teamfight without physically moving into range. Plus, it slightly extended his threat area. W - Boring butt shield, but at least it was on-demand. _New Shen._ Passive - Bonus shield on spells sometimes. Cooldown reduction on ability hit rewards you for good tank play... but it's awkward how abilities give you the shield whether you want it or not. Q - The Stone of Shame. http://www.seattlesportshell.com/files/2012/02/Simpsons-Stone-of-Triumph1.jpg Shen has a magical glowing pet rock that floats 14 miles behind him, which helpfully tells any enemies in vision range exactly where Shen is standing regardless of whether or not he is in the fog of war. This serves the purpose of making Shen, a ninja, significantly less sneaky than (for example) Gragas the loud fat drunk guy, or Trundle the smelly angry troll, both of whom can hide in fog without enemies knowing where they are without wards or direct line of sight. The leash distance, aside from giving enemies a huge range of free vision of Shen, also means that when he uses his Q to call it to him, it takes about seventeen billion years to reach him. Upon reaching him, he gains damage on autoattacks, because apparently that's what tanks need. If the pet rock passes through an enemy on the way (dealing no damage and only slowing a tiny fraction, and then only if the enemy is running AWAY from him), Shen gains attack speed, because apparently that's also what tanks need. The pet rock stops the moment it touches him, meaning it cannot be positioned without Shen being able to physically move to that location first. W - The Stone of Triumph! http://dr.jeebus.sydlexia.com/simpsonsgood44.jpg Due to the awe of the majesty of Shen's pet rock, allies who huddle in a tight friendship circle around the rock become immune to enemy basic attacks for about the time it takes to sneeze, at which point the ADC will start chunking you again, punishing you for staying in one predictable location for so long. And that neglects the effect of abilities, which completely ignore the field and (again) will punish you for staying in one predictable location for so long. The field has no impact whatsoever on enemies, provides the bare minimum protection for allies, and is nearly impossible to place in a useful area on short notice. Hokay. It looks like we may need to go back to basics here. **What is the point of a tank?** Sejuani. Nautilus. Rammus. Braum. Leona, to some extent. What do they have in common? They are hella tough to kill, yet impossible to ignore. In a lot of other games, tanks shield their allies by physically blocking the damage. In League, only Braum really does this. So how are there so many effective tanks in League? _Tanks provide threat._ While a Lucian might have more damage than a Maokai, it's no question which one you'd rather have in your frontlines. Why? You can literally walk the hell by Lucian without a problem. You can walk up, taunt, and all he can do is shoot you or run - and if he shoots you, you can punish him for it. With the Maokai, if you walk up, he snares you, and his team follows up. Or Nautilus hooks you. Or Sejuani rams you. And so on. In every case, the damage the tank does is irrelevant - they hold you down for their backline to ream you, and they're too tough for a response to really be effective. (Braum is different because he does physically block damage for allies, but if you walk up to him, he's gonna Concussive Blow your nuts into space. So he has both threat AND concrete protection.) This is where we run into an issue: _Shen doesn't really provide threat._ We've seen New Shen's passive work pretty well on Vi, but that's because Vi functions by being a rocket-propelled fist with a person attached. When she activates an ability, SHE IS GOING IN. That entire shield is going to be used because oh god it's Vi shoot her quick before she explodes you. On tanks, however, you need to be able to activate your resistances/shield when you need it. You NEED to be unpunishable. Shen's shield is on his passive, which activates every time he uses an ability, and then goes on cooldown for 10 seconds if said ability use didn't actually affect an ally or enemy. Note that your pet rock's stupidly long leash means you're going to NEED to use Q occasionally just to reposition it, and your E is your only means of escape or mobility aside from an ult with a 3-minute cooldown. **It's too easy to waste what is literally the only form of tankiness built into your kit.** In terms of threat, Shen has no safe CC. I define "safe CC" here as an ability you use to make yourself unpunishable - when I was talking about threat earlier, all those scary non-damage abilities function by stepping on the enemy's face and buying time for allies to ruin their day. This gives them no time to hurt you. Shen's only CC is a taunt, one that does not innately reduce incoming damage. Your only ways to guard against autoattack damage (ie. what you WILL receive after a successful taunt) are your W (which requires you to hug your pet rock) and your passive (which, again, is almost certainly on cooldown unless you have stood around being useless for a full 10 seconds). Worse, because your taunt is a dash, you almost certainly will not be in range for your W to protect you... unless your enemy is actually braindead. **Your only traditional "tanky" move puts you in direct danger that is almost impossible to mitigate.** A lot of tanks have a pretty broad threat area, too. Skillshots, long-ranged dashes, and so forth mean that they can impact an area beyond their immediate surroundings. Shen does not have this. Shen has a pet rock that comes when called, deals no damage as it passes, barely slows, and has a leash range the size of Texas... meaning you need to put your Q on cooldown in preparation for a teamfight if you want it to actually be involved in the proceedings at all. **All of his CC and damage comes from physical contact, meaning that his threat range is barely more than arm's length.** The thing is, the moment you add an ingame entity to a champion, this entity is going to take up a lot of the player's mindspace. Shen's big glowy sword looks and acts really important, when in all honesty, **the sword doesn't do a whole lot for him as a champion.** Tanks don't need damage or attack speed. The safety field provided by W barely does anything. The passthrough slow is difficult to pull off and barely rewards you for doing so. **And the rest of his kit is balanced around the idea that Shen's ideal situation has the sword close by, but only his Q and his ult actually move it at all.** Oh, and this is kind of a nitpick... **Isn't the point of energy-using champions that their cooldowns are lower, but they are heavily gated by resources? Why are his cooldowns so huge?** **TL;DR:** New Shen is a clusterfuck of potentially cool ideas that make no sense together. His Q is raw damage, which makes no sense on a tank. He's a tank whose tankiness is clunky and difficult to access. His sword adds a huge barrier to optimal play without proportionally rewarding you for pulling it off. And he has no range, making him really feel like he's anchored in place. This shit _cannot go to live._ If it does, you will need to rework him again immediately (see also: the Quinn rework) to fix all his stupid bullshit. If this DOES go to live, I predict that he will never see consistent use until at least one or two of the following are true: -His E summons his sword to his target location, giving him an answer to taunt damage, an extra sword-reposition option, and the cool play of E-W to save an ally without needing to spend 140 energy on an extra Q in there. -His Q damage/attack speed are replaced with something that actually matters to tanks. Like resistances, or CC, or sustain. -His sword leash range is reduced, and/or it follows several seconds along his path like an Ekko ult ghost. -During Q, the sword keeps moving a little after it hits Shen, making it feel like more of a slingshot than like you're dragging a weight behind you. -His W has a negative effect for enemies in the radius, allowing him to use the sword offensively. Discuss. Or at least, reds, PLEASE give us a sticky thread to talk about this shit in.
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