Yorick Discussion **Open Discussion for Everyone's Opinions!**

I enjoy Yorick's new rework very much, as with everything in life there are things that can and should be changed IMHO. Q- I don't have a problem with Last Rights, It's Awakening that feels really weird to me. In his old kit his basic combo summoned 3 ghouls. This isn't his old kit. It feels very awkward that he can summon at least 3 ghouls and max 4 at one time. I feel that it'd feel much better if he could summon ghouls individually, that way if he chooses to wait and summon his ghouls once he has 2 or 3 he can summon another after his next minion q or champ kill. There was also somebody who had the idea that his heal on this ability could also heal his ghouls which sounded like a good idea to me. W- I feel it needs at least a small bit more range than his E, also it'd be nice if it locked in the circle of where he can cast it. E- Yorick having one ability being based off of AP doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is the 15% of health OR minimum scaling damage. R- This is the only ability I feel is basically in the right place. This isn't just for my thoughts, upvote if you agree with what I said, and also comment with your own take or ideas. Share this link, the more upvotes and comments in this discussion, the more rito will notice, Thank you for reading!:)
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