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Alright so I been looking at them a lot, played around in some custom games with them and the idea seems really cool, but there are some problems I'd like to point out, maybe get them changed before it hits live, assuming Riot is actually looking for feedback to improve the game. So I drew that silly picture in paint but I wan't to be more constructive and helpful, going in depth on why I feel that way about it. So here goes. Okay lets start with the** Resolve** tree since most people tend to look here. The first choices are attack speed and spell damage, to be honestly spell damage isn't that much if you have 1000 damage, you do 20 extra with 5 points, that's actually pretty bad, but 4% AS is nothing too special either. Basically if you make 0 use of Attack Speed then you go spell damage but other wise AS is the clear winner despite being nerfed to 4% instead of 5%. So what these are just the tier 1 masteries, they're not meant to be that good, most of them are underwhelming. Moving onto tier 2 though you get 20 hp per minion kill with a CD or double edged sword. Against these % numbers aren't actually that much it's a clear winner which is better 100% of the time. That's fine I guess, I mean I love this new Feast, it really feels like I feel second and fourth tier mastery points should feel. I just think it'd be cool if Double Edge Sword was something more worthwhile. Tier 3, Lifesteal or Natural Talent, both are good, definitely a choice to be made here however, I feel like the lifesteal is a little too low. I don't think it would be too much to make it .8 or 1% per point. For the most part I think Natural Talent wins here unless you are a big life stealer such as Aatrox or Olaf. Now we come to my least favorite Tier in this page, this is my biggest issue with this mastery system, this is the replacement for 9 points in the current system, when we get 4 AD or 3% hp or Biscuits on live, in the new masteries these tier 4 are even better than lives tier 3, Comparing the Resolve Tier 4s to stuff like Insight or Bandit, it just makes it look really bad. Tier 5 is super simple, armor or magic penetration, I like this, even though it's not much of a choice it's simple yet worthwhile. Tier 6 - Warlords Bloodlust seems cool if you stack crit but this is not gonna be used on that many champions, it's basically just half the adcs and then like 3-4 melee champs. Fervor of Battle feels really good, it's very strong and requires you to pay attention to yours and the enemies stacks with is nice. Then you have the last one, the spell cast Bleed, this is basically just, you are a mage, you don't get a choice, all mages will now have a bleed. I'd really like to see the crit one be replaced with something to fitting to both Mages and other Physical damage champions, just a random idea off the top of my head would be like, a mini Lux passive. Hit an ability, detonate it with autos for damage, use it with anyone and it'd be cool. Next the **Ferocity **tree, Tier 1. This is good, both are worthwhile stats, but neither is in that great amount, it feels worth it, but at the same time like a Tier 1 mastery. Tier 2 keeps going with the choices, reduce a small amount of damage which stacks up over a longer amount of time, or get movement speed. Both seem worthwhile and while I kind of wish the movement speed worked in more places than just river but I can definitely appreciate that we aren't making it essential to the game so I dig the very situational use of it. Tier 3, again I love this, this is seeming like my favorite tree, everything feels worthwhile but not too strong or oppressive. Increased healing and shields or a higher max hp, I've used both, depending on champion, and I am happy with both of them. Tier 4 is a bit of a disappointed with how much I've loved the others, the idea for regen is good sure, but the amount seems too small. I would have loved to see the old perseverance that we got at the beginning of the live masteries. As it stands though, tier 4 if a know brainer 99.8% of the time you take the summoner spell CDR. That however it a really nice addition, some people might think it's OP because of how much summoner spell CDR there is, however it definitely makes me feel like more summoner spells are worth using, I'm the type of person who skips out on flash because of the 5 minute CD and I just don't value mobility that much when I can just play better, but with this I might take flash. Tier 5 Both are good as ideas, but I feel like Legendary Guardian just isn't high enough. I thought it was 10, but I guess it got bumped up to 15, so looks like you caught on to this as well, personally I think Tenacity and Slow resist is still a little better but it's much closer now, I think both have uses, I wouldn't hate seeing Legendary Guardian go up to 20 armor and magic resist, but I would probably still use it occasionally if it stays 15, especially on ARAM. Tier 6 Grasp of Undying and Strength of Ages are really cool, I am a little bummed out about the low cap of Strength of Ages, but I mean it is a little easy to stack so I get it, maybe a cool thing to add to it would be an extra stacking of 30 hp per champion kill 10 for assists, with it's own cap of maybe 500. So it compares a little more to Grasp of the Undying. The third one Bond of Stone just doesn't feel good at all for me, maybe it's because I am not a very supportive player and I expect my team to rely on their own skill, however I would never use this. That said the flat damage reduction isn't bad, I definitely like the idea of that, I don't think it needs buffs or nerfs, it's just not my thing. Lastly we have **Cunning**, starting at Tier 1. Out of Combat Movement Speed or Better CSing ability, I love Savagery because I suck at CSing as mages and this makes mid lane less of a nightmare for me, however the other option, is just bad, I play a lot of MF so I've really learned to hate out of combat movement speed and the way it trolls you, but this isn't even that much movement speed, it's about the same as the flat movement speed from the Ferocity Tree. I'd be happier if this was higher up in the tree but also working during combat. Either way I wouldn't say this is that bad, I just think out of combat movement speed is pretty bad. Tier 2 both seem pretty even, if you're getting buffs you may want to extend them, especially fifth dragon or baron, but at the same time, though biscuits are nice to. Both feel worthy of Tier 2 spots and there is a meaningful decision to make. Tier 3 This one kind of sucks, I'm already not a fan of the % damages because of how low they end up being but this one is even worse, since it only works on people under 40%, that said I wouldn't say this is garbage for everyone, any champion with an execute or true damage end might like this a lot. The other option of mana regen is wonderful, I think this game is a little too harsh on mana, which is part of the reason I dislike going mid most of the time, however I do like a lot of mid champions and this mana regen seems good enough to help get past the mana issues. Tier 4 I think that both are good, however they're very different, I kind of like the idea that anyone get get the gold gains or support but at the same time I am worried this might get nerfed because of that fact, I definitely think it would be a bad idea to nerf this for supports, however as long as it stays as is I think it's a cool idea, I personally put the Bandit mastery on my adc page, getting rewarded for harassing people properly is nice and you don't always get the farm when grouped so it's a little bit there as well. Tier 5 Odd choice to put the armor and magic penetration so far into this tree but I don't think it's a particularly bad mastery, it's pretty good, just odd placing, meanwhile the other one is definitely nice, feels great, while it's kind of sad that it's also so deep I don't think it's that weird of placing and it'll definitely encourage certain champions to put 18 in this tree. Tier 6, last one, Stormraiders Surge seems really awful, I mean I guess it'll help some champions like Jinx or Vayne if they got 18 into this tree but I don't think many Adcs will go this deep, this seems like a trap mastery, I definitely think a lot of people will use this, but I don't think it's very good at all. The other two are really cool though, I like the idea for the 3 hit one and honestly I'm so glad to be healing more on supports, Sona's heal is absolutely awful and Namis is better for poke than healing, so it's nice that they're getting a small buff. It does however concern me with Soraka just because of how annoying and unfun the champion is to play against but I mean the idea is still good even if one champion is too strong with it. Anyways this has been fun, and I would be really excited if this influenced the masteries changes, I hope you found this worth reading and I really hope tier 4 Resolve becomes worth the points before live.

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