First off, for being a "stone giant" he feels more like a squishy assassin minus the insane damage output. I understand the need to balance him with his W reducing damage but he can't last 4 hits with or without it. His base health, in my opinion, is far too low. He should also start out with some base magic resist since he was built against enemy mages. As for his abilities, these were well done. The only tweak I would recommend would be having his ultimate be similar to Jhin's ultimate in that he would leap into the sky and you would select an ally within range, instead of making the player go through a series of checks before they can use the ability. This way they can see what allies need assistance more and can better judge the range of the ability and act quicker. I believe Riot has done a great job with this rework and I hope that they continue to produce great content in the future.

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