Howdy all! We've been looking into different ways to bring back visibility on some of our patch-to-patch bugfixes and shed a bit of light on what caused the bugs or how we went about fixing them. We won't always have these mini-contexts (sometimes things are really boring or simple), but hopefully the occasional storytime is interesting to you! We'll update this thread a couple of times across the patch cycle. Here are some of the bugs we're fixing for 6.14 (feel free to let us know if they're still busted): --- **1. {{champion:143}} Zyra Passive activates when recalling in brush** Zyra's passive turns off while she's in brush to prevent seeds from revealing her location. If she reveals herself by casting an ability or attacking, her passive turns back on. Since Recall is technically a spell, it was re-enabling Zyra's passive, even though Recall itself doesn't reveal you from brush. --- **2. {{champion:201}} Braum dies from Baron Nashor in one hit** This is a fun one ;P Baron was able to kill Braum in one hit with his Acid Shot if Braum moved in front of a target within a very specific time period and cast Unbreakable. Each of the missiles from Acid Shot "dies" after it hits the ground, and Braum's E was intercepting that "death". We made it so Unbreakable ignores that particular effect. --- **3. {{champion:157}} Yasuo's Q and E+Q combo can fail to critically strike at 100% crit chance** Because of how Yasuo's passive interacts with crit, he sometimes ran into rounding errors with crit runes (every other source of crit is a #cleannumber so rounding's not an issue). We adjusted some of the background math to fix this inconsistency. --- **4. {{champion:1}} Annie could override Tibbers's Vengeance AI by issuing him a command at the moment she died** When Annie dies, Tibbers goes berserk and tries to kill the champion that killed Annie. If extremely unluckily timed, that AI could be overridden by a simple movement or attack command made at the exact moment Annie died. We added a short buffer so Tibbers ignores any command received after Annie dies. --- **5. {{champion:45}} Bad Santa Veigar's custom particles for Dark Matter were missing** When we last worked on Veigar (BelugaWhale I'm looking at you O_O), we did a bit of file cleanup to make him easier to work with in the future. In the process, we removed the line that told Bad Santa Veigar to use special visuals for W. Fixing this one was a matter of diffing* his previous files with the updated ones, and re-adding the line that went missing. _*Diffing means comparing two versions of the same file. "Difference". Yeah._ --- **Update!** July 6th 2016 Here are some more of the legacy fixes going into 6.14, as a caveat this is not a list of EVERY fix in the patch. (If we went into Ryze you would be reading for ev er) --- Rift Scuttler’s health bar no longer takes a few moments to appear when revealed for the first time --- {{champion:122}} When Darius’s E - Apprehend pulls enemies over walls, it no longer chest-bumps them back to the side they were on to begin with. --- {{champion:104}} Graves is no longer briefly stunned if an enemy tries to displace him as he casts R - Collateral Damage. {{champion:104}} Graves’s W - Smoke Screen no longer fizzles if cast immediately before Graves fires his second basic attack charge. {{champion:104}} Fixed a bug where Elise’s Spiderlings sometimes took no damage from Graves’s basic attacks. --- {{item:3030}} Fixed a bug where the active effect of Hextech GLP-800 wasn’t always being properly reduced by Ruby Sightstone’s active item cooldown reduction. --- {{champion:157}} Fixed a bug where Yasuo was sometimes locked out of his basic attack after casting Sweeping Blade or Last Breath. {{champion:157}} Wind Wall no longer fails to block projectiles in the instant it was cast, if cast at the same time Yasuo died. {{champion:157}} Fixed a bug where Sweeping Blade could be chain-cast on multiple targets without cooldown or cast time if cast while knocked up. --- Please let us know if you find this kind of information interesting!

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