Atlatean Syndra Feedback... Again

(Sorry about the spelling error in the title, i always seem to spell atlantean wrong.) Now that my phenomenal excitement has worn off, I have some more feedback. I'm going to get to the point and probably a little mean. I have a couple nits to pick here, about her "censoring" (as people are calling it) and basically her whole torso. She's still wearing lingerie into battle, regardless of how her chest has been covered. It's still a boob window and it's still cliche and exasperating. It looks like a small and borderline lazy attempt to appease those that thought she was showing too much skin/the boob window was too big. Yet... *lingerie into battle* and "all vital organs are in her limbs". At the moment her outfit looks like it could be submitted to *repairherarmor,* where we collectively sigh/laugh at/try to fix lady armor. I'm really just asking for something borderline sensible and off the norm which may be asking too much since League is f2p, but here I am.
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