Might as well remove armor pen altogether with those values.

Lethality New armor pen LOL.xlsx
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This lethality system is a complete joke. let me point out why I think that. First, the values are really low for an equation that removes more than half the effectiveness of the stat until level 8. (That only holds true for one item in particular, which I will mention in my excel and in this shortly.) I made an excel spreadsheet that shows the progression of the stat according to the level and amount of lethality brought. For the lethality stat gold effectiveness, I calculated the cost of the combine (which is 400 to upgrade 2 long swords into a dirk) subtracted the gold value of the added 5 Attack damage it now gives, and divided the remaining amount ( which is 225 ) by 15 this gave me the gold value of 1 lethality. This excel spreadsheet shows my reasoning behind the arguments I will now give. **1. Advanced Items are simply not worth the gold if you want to deal more damage to low armored targets** If the point of these items is to be able to be stacked and effective, it actually does the complete opposite of that. If you buy a serrated dirk, you are getting 25 ad, some lethality and out of combat movement speed to be able to roam. The gold value of this item is actually 88% if you're buying it early, making it a meh purchase in the first place (because the lethality value is diminished greatly) Add to the that the fact that this item is a component part of 3 major items that '' give '' more lethality the upgrade itself, if you're looking to be able to deal more damage to squishier targets is a complete waste (mostly youmuu's ghostblade, the two other items can barely make up for it) Because it's going to cost you almost 10 times more gold to buy 5 more lethality. (130 gold per lethality at this point while it costs only 15 with the serrated dirk) You dont get a '' power spike '' from buying these items, you actually get a '' power drop '' from buying them. you sink 17-11% of the gold you spent into the upgrade into the trash. For the serrated dirk, you only get full value of the item at level 18. You simply cannot push your lead anymore with an assasin, because you played** well.** **2. Why gut lethality so much, if the point of this stat is to destroy low armor targets? By late game this stat is completely irrelevant.** Keeping only 40% of the value at lvl 1 with these low numbers is a joke. We already covered that you are losing gold for buying these items, but add to that that their effectiveness is completely gutted until late game. This makes it even more useless. People have their items and their armor scaled. Might as well only get serrated dirk or just get an AD item instead. They're more valuable than lethality items, they're much more cost effective. **Conclusion** the old armor pen system seemed more logical, if you have low armor. Armor pen will get you. now if you have low armor... wait till late game when you scaled and i'll get you (not really actually) while I wasted most of my gold on an useless stat and fell behind compared to every other champion in the game. **Solutions** 1. Increase the lethality values of advanced items 2. increase the lethality values as a whole but give more power to advanced items. 3. Change the formula to give more power early game ( something like 50%/50% )
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