{Champion Feedback} Lucian Mini-Rework

As a Lucian main I can see that this iteration of changes for him are meant to fulfill his role as a mobile marksman, and despite the criticisms leveled against it, this new kit makes him even more fun to play once you get items but his new kit emphasizes a much heavier mana consumption to stay competitive in lane because of his shorter range. I regularly found myself attempting to trade and getting kited and denied my damage which I can assume is the desired outcome, but if I could suggest one small change to make his lane a little bit more feasible. Ardent Blaze feels pretty useless in lane and the movespeed it grants is not worth the mana cost because of the manner in which he protects himself in lane. I would really love to see higher base movespeed or a revamped w that is rewarding to use in lane outside of sneaking farm while being zoned out. ***tl;dr*: I actually really like this change for midgame/lategame but his laning has become his weakness with this range change. Can he get a base movespeed increase or a revamp w to compensate?**
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