Feedback on Kalista from an ADC Main

So I have just recently been allowed into the PBE and my main reason for playing here was to play Kalista. After playing here a good number of games and being an ADC main she is already one of my favorite champs and her blood moon skin is exceptionally wicked. However there is a couple of things that I feel should be in consideration of altering for clarity and balance's sake. **Martial Pose (Passive)**: **-** I feel this passive is really solid and adds a fun mechanic to a champion. Along with Kalista's Oathsworn on an ally it focuses her to be a team player and utilize synergy to play her effectively. **Pierce (Q)**: **-** Great where it stands. Damage, mana cost, cooldown, and missile speed and size is all solid. One thing that I personally have a grip with is that on her Blood moon skin the missile seems a tad big and misleading on where it hits. This is my specific preference though. **Sentinel (w)**: **-** This is something that I feel needs to be in consideration of changing, mainly her Sentinel itself. Her active, the Sentinel is something I feel offers her a bit too much utility. She can have as many as 3 sentinels out level 1. Not to mention these sentinel's can last 7 laps which makes these more useful then a ward because it roams and lasts a considerably long time. This gives her and her team an incredible amount of vision, a virtually never ending surveillance system. If an ADC is given an ability that grants vision it should be something that needs to used in the right moments and if used at the wrong time could be costly. I feel either (1) Kalista can only be allowed to have one sentinel out at a time, or (2) you reduce the amount of laps a sentinel takes before dying. The amount of vision Kalista is offered is too great and while she doesn't have an effective means of escape except for kiting with martial pose she still shouldn't be allowed to have a multi-cam security system floating around her. **-** Her Soul-Marked passive, to me, seems fine however I have had friends claim that they feel the damage proc is a little too high for her. Level 1 her proc deals 12% of the targets maximum health. If other people say that her damage needs to be reduced it should only be a very small amount, say 1-3%. **Rend (E)**: **-** I feel damage wise this is solid where it is at. However I feel like some moments she can throw a ridiculous amount of spears in someone and do a hefty amount of damage late game. I like the infinite spears aspect of Kalista but I do notice that at some instances it can be quite the over-bearing force. **-** One thing that I feel should be really considered into applying on Kalista's Rend is an indicator of some sort for clarity's sake. However I am not a fan of a big circle that is constantly over myself at all times so I was thinking of making the spears go black (or some sort of color change) whenever the enemy goes too far out of range of Rend. For instance on Kalista's Blood moon skin her spears appear redish-pink in her targets and whenever these targets go too far out the spears would then turn black indicating the range is too far for Rend to be applied. **Fate's Call (R)**: **-** Kalista's ultimate offers a incredible amount of utility to a team if played right. On the other hand, Fate's Call feels a bit clunky as well as being a bit too useful considering how many times it can be casted. One thing I noticed is that when you call on your Oathsworn and pull them in, when they choose to go out the indicator ball moves in the direction they plan to go. However it takes a good second and a half before they are actually thrown out. This seems like the ult is sluggish or even on terms of a "lag" feel. To me and my friend who played support alongside, we feel the indicator needs to match up with what actually is happening; the indicator speed should accurately match when the Oathsworn is being lunged. **-** The other big problem with Fate's Call is the cooldown is exceptionally short. So short that you can start a fight with it, grab a couple of kills and then after enemy team spawns back, Kalista can cast Fate's Call again. An ultimate that is supplied with a large cast and lunge range along with its ability to start, change, and save teamfights and provide an escape for your own support in a little skirmish is quite ridiculous. I enjoy this ult quite a bit because it does require synergy with your team but the mere fact is it can be used so many times makes it quite "OP." Fate's Call should definitely not be 60 seconds at level 3. These are some of the thoughts that I had while playing Kalista. She is one of my favorite champs but there is indeed a bit of an unbalance in some of her skills. I also haven't read Kalista's lore so I don't know if the things I suggested interferes with it. Sorry if there are any grammar errors that I didn't pick up on. -ZeriLinX
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